Friday, October 17, 2008

Wasteful People, Serendipity and Quilting

The first picture shows two of my favorite pastimes: quilting and building Charles Wysocki puzzles. The second photo is the apple corer we were given today.

The quilt is made entirely of scraps and fabrics that were given to me. The puzzle was a rummage sale find.

You know what they say about one man's trash being another man's treasure. Aside from dumpster diving, visiting resale shops or rummage sales the best opportunities to build your supplies are often unexpected. It helps too, to know wasteful people.

Some of our latest examples are: A call from his sister to pick up a box of "junk" at his mother's vacant house. We're now the proud owners of an apple corer, yet another tea kettle, some bedding and several bottles of spices. And to think I had just struck a deal with Sweetie to make an apple pie if he'd peel and core the apples. I love serendipity.

Last week he ran into his neice's husband - known as the local construction crook - and while I was in the resale shop - loaded five 20' sheets of used metal siding into our pickup. We think we've finally sold the backhoe so you know who has dreams of a 24x32 foot pole building. Another neighbor has fourteen 24' trusses for $300 and I suspect those will be hauled home this weekend. Now he's outside sorting through his lumber pile for anything to use in the pole building.

Monday we have a veterinarian appointment and he'll pick up the rest of the lumber he needs while I stock up on dry cat food and scrounge Goodwill for picture frames. Last time I was there I found stacks of them for 69 cents apiece. I'm enlarging some of my children's baby pictures for gifts.

Another house in the neighborhood has gone into foreclosure and we happened to meet the young couple as they were leaving their drive for good. That few minutes of neighborly chit chat got us bags of canned goods and two packages of frozen hamburger. They and their three children were crammed into an old Ford Fiesta and her brother was pulling a small trailer with his pickup truck. No one had room for the food so it was being left behind. We offered to deliver the food to their new home but were told they're moving three hours south.

So keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities. And, don't limit yourself to what you think you may need or use. Last year I sold lots of things on Ebay that were given to me.

That's all for now. Time to make that pie. Treesong


Mayberry said...

I wish I had room for a 24x32 pole barn! Y'all got some great deals, and great finds!

Anonymous said...

Love your site

Anonymous said...

I love your site because;
I am older like you
have heallth problems
on S.S am intereste in better living on less $$$.

Have ideas if you want them.

Sending your site adress to my older sister in Virigina.

treesong said...

Thanks all for your comments. Can't say that I blog everyday about money saving ideas but I will try to sprinkle in a few here and there. I think one thing that we all need to do is simplify and think smaller. Our lives are full of clutter, frivolous purchases and wasteful habits. Anyone with more ideas than mine, feel free to chime in. Treesong