Monday, October 13, 2008

Batch Cooking and Other Musings

Batch Cooking:Woke up this morning fairly well rested and thought of all the things I'd like to accomplish this week - mainly outside the kitchen. So, my first plan of action was to do some batch cooking, as I call it. After a little effort, I now have three meals cooking which will be stretched into a minimum of eight separate meals.

First, I defrosted a huge bag of chicken leg quarters and they're simmering in a pot. Next, I dumped 1-1/2 Cups of white rice, a can of mixed veggies, half a chopped onion and one can of cream of chicken soup in a 9x13 inch cake pan. When the chicken is cooked and cooled I'll debone it and use one cup of chicken pieces for the chicken/rice casserole. The remaining chicken will be packed in ziplock bags and frozen for future meals. The chicken broth will be poured into quart jars and stored in the frig. The chicken skin, scraps and bone will be placed in another container for Lady. Yeah, I know about not feeding a dog chicken bones but, Sweetie has always done this and it's his dog so that's they way life goes around here.

Then, I started a huge pot of chili using the kidney beans I've been soaking for a few days, changing the water three times now. The other half of the onion went in the chili as did the last of two quarts of tomatoes that were not canned last week when we did our final batch. I added a whole can of tomatoe juice to the pot as well as chili powder and garlic powder. Once the chili has cooked (notice I did not cook the beans before adding them to the chili), I'll set some aside for tomorrow's dinner and freeze the rest in one quart containers.

I've also got more swiss chard (the last of the bunch I picked two days ago) simmering in a pot. Some of it will be eaten tonight with the chicken casserole and the remaining will be frozen. I'm already thinking of making a pot of lentil soup either yet today or later this week and adding some chopped swiss chard to it. Part of the chicken broth will make an appearance in the soup. We'll see.

Anyway, we'll be several meals ahead and my time can be spent cutting firewood, raking leaves, washing windows, walking, and rototilling more of the garden.

In other news: talked with my Dad last night and my brother and wife are home from Idaho because her father is dying. If you recall, my brother is ex-Delta Force and now hires himself out as a private contractor. Anyway, Dad discovered that his trip to Cancun (before he heads to Afganistan again) is for a job as a body guard at some big shot's wedding. Seems the guy is a Wall Street biggie. Hmmmm...

And I heard about some former neighbors whose noses have always been tilted rather high. Seems they've lost big time in the market and their 401k's have taken a nose dive too. Dad said it's rather humorous to hear them talk about how "rough" life is getting now that they may have to sell their lake property (as if there will be any buyers for a $1.2 million dollar mini castle) and cancel their three month trip to Europe. Oh well, these economic times will affect all of us.

Thus far in my blog reads today, I think Kunstler's, Mayberry and Staying Alive have been the most enlightening and entertaining. And seeing as I have no further wisdom to contribute, I'll sign off for now. Keep prepping people. Treesong

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Mayberry said...

Thanks for the compliment! Keep on cookin', I can almost smell it..... Mmmmmmmm. Now I'm hungry...