Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Debate, Trip To Town, Tonight's Dinner

The Debate: More of the same. I was sitting there completing their sentences most of the time. And why not answer the question about what sacrifices Americans may have to make? For plenty in this country it's high time they realized a "sacrifice" is not missing their Starbucks one day.

Trip To Town: We had one appointment and decided we'd make a couple other stops while in town. Who knows when we'll be there again? Surely, not before November 1st. So while Sweetie was at the doctor's I was at the local resale shop. It's operated by a group of churches and I used to enjoy stopping there. But, like everything else, they've raised their prices. Thankfully, they still have their "bag room." Everything you can stuff in a paper grocery bag is $3/bag. So I came home with nine men's flannel shirts (one new with tag), a long skirt and matching long sleeved T-shirt, four puzzles, three books, a couple plastic "pour type" food storage containers, a pair of shoes (they currently sell for $29.99 at Walmart) and a box of note cards.

Tonight's Dinner: Nothing out of the freezer today. Going to cook a pot of stew on the wood stove. Will use one can of beef, carrots from the garden, leftover green beans, some diced onion, a couple potatoes, and thicken the beef juice with a little cornstarch and garlic powder. Trying to eat more fruit so I dug out a couple small cans of apricots for dessert.

Hope y'all enjoyed the "apron" post. I am one of those rare birds who wears one almost every day. Three of mine are considered "vintage", one is a Pillsbury blue and white stiped affair that's very heavy.

Don't know if anyone else has done this but I'll pass it along. This is the season for deer feed; plenty of carrots, sugar beets and corn stacked up at the roadside stands. Well, Miss Frugal here did not have any luck with carrots in the garden last year so one day I told the Sweetie to pick up a bag of "deer carrots." He promptly told me we could not afford to start feeding the deer! "Silly man," I said, "the carrots are for us." He gave me a strange look and then said, "why not?"
Deer carrots are the culls from the field that processors leave behind because they know us picky consumers gotta have straight, long, uniform carrots. But, MOST of those bags of deer carrots are straight, long and uniform. And if you can't manage to peel a crooked carrot, well, I guess you're just physically challenged.

Later, Treesong

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