Thursday, October 2, 2008

If I were a drinking person, I'd be plastered!

Well, I watched the vice-presidential debate tonight. Very predictable. Palin winked and enunciated her words like she's one of us "common people" and Biden hammered on John McCain.
Frankly, I don't believe it will make much difference in most people's lives who wins. The real powers in this country are the Wall Streets scums, the lobbyists and the Federal Reserve.

Screw all of them. They're talking the same talk that politicians usually talk and walking the same walk. Except one day real soon they're gonna start wobbling on that balancing bar and fall down and break their pretty tailbones. And that will make me quite happy. I'd like to know there are people lower on the totem pole than me!

And in other news: there are some people in this world who were not in line when brains were passed out. I swear, if I could have put my fist through the phone today, I would have been arrested.

How does one help a person who won't help themselves? The answer, you can't. And yet, I'm always willing to try. I'll give you food when you're hungry; I'll share money-saving tips and recipes for meatloaf. And, I listen and listen and listen as you complain about your circumstances - while watching a rented movie and smoking cigarellos and talking about the third dog you just adopted.

Hello? Did I miss something? Aren't you the gal who's living on a partial SS check and can't manage to hold on to a dollar if it were super glued to your back? Aren't you the one who's always asking for assistance with heat, electric, mobile home payment, truck payment, groceries, dog and cat food, and gas money?

And aren't you the one who has told me numerous times, "I just don't know how you do it."

As a sidebar, she's referring to TWO of us living on ONE-THIRD more than what she get in her partial SS check!!!

In case anybody really wants to know how we "do it", it's simple - WE DON'T SPEND MONEY on frills. In fact, we don't spend money on much of anything. If it's gonna cost us money we ask ourselves three questions: will it SAVE us money in the long run? can we MAKE money on it? or, can we find if for FREE? Many times the answer is NO to all three questions. And that, more than anything, is how we have a nest egg. Not much, but likely more than most folks who live on about $8,000 a year!!!!

Now, I'm not bragging. It's just the facts. When I hear someone say they're struggling to pay for this and that and it's "getting costly" to do this or that, my antenna is up, looking for all the signs of their participation in the mass-market, credit driven, global economy.

And it's always talk about what they're gonna have to "give up." Like it's going to cause a coronary if they have to go without the gym membership, the vacation to the Bahamas, the five TV's and four laptops, the dinners out and the golfing on Sundays.

The only thing they'd really be "giving up" is SPENDING. And don't give me the dribble about "well, if Americans aren't spending the economy will stagnate." Honey, the economy stagnates because people have lived way beyond their means on CREDIT, not SAVINGS, and now the cost has become too high.

We're a CONSUMER based economy that has 3% of the population and uses 25% of the worlds resources, or some such numbers to that effect. I forget now, it's after 2 a.m. so somebody correct me if you'd like.

Anyone with a pea for a brain can figure out that a society can't keep CONSUMING, CONSUMING and not have to eventually pay the piper.

My mother's family lived in a chicken coop during the Great Depression and considered themselves LUCKY. Mom always talked fondly of that time. Can you believe it? Her six aunts and three uncles and their spouses and 14 children all shared one uncle's farm house. Mom's family consisted of her and her parents. After all the chickens were eaten or killed by fox, they moved into the coop. They were the only ones who had their own "home", their own little world where they didn't have to share beds and bathroom facilities (they used the outhouse), and tolerate somebody else's cooking or drunken tirades when one uncle raided the still out back.

My mother saved everything - even our clothe diapers. MY children wore the cloth diapers I wore. I didn't feel I was "giving up" anything for using thoes hand-me-down diapers! I as SAVING. And this was during the beginnings of the Pampers. My friends spend money on convenience. I saved money with a little inconvenience.

God, I hate winers. Especially ones that contribute DAILY to their own problems.

If I were a drinking person tonight I would have been plastered!

Good night, or good morning. I best get some sleep. I'll read this later today and think, God, what a bitch you can be!

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Shy Wolf said...

LOL, Treesong- good chuckle, but I kow exactly what you're saying. I have a neighbor who's always whining he has no money for 'this or that'- but he has a collection of every tool imaginable- which he doesn't use at all. I told him once to sell the tools if he needed some cash. No way, he told me: he couldn't get what he paid for them. Another 'welfare' mother I know is the same: has a 60 inch flatscreen and every Tom Cruise flick imaginable, then bitches cuz she has to starve til the food stamps come. I told her to get a job- HAHAHAHA. Ever try telling one of these lazy do-nothings to get a job? They have more excuses for not working than Carter's has liver pills! Damn, what a mess we've allowed the country to fall into.
Oh- one point of contention, though: it really does matter ho gets elected to head the country. If you want proof, check what Hussein Obammy wants to spend our money on jsut to get the 'rest of the world' to like us. Not to mention a few other pet programs of his. Double damn!
God bless, Shy