Friday, October 3, 2008

Pictures of Part of Our Food Storage

From top left to right: Spare bedroom closet, the freezer, on top of a table in the spare bedroom, the former broom closet, and the last two pics are home canned goods in a bedroom closet. Small spaces around here so I couldn't photograph the whole hieght of a few storage spots. There is little food in the kitchen cupboards because I have so few of them but, anything I need is a few short steps away.
We're really eating food now that was grown of purchased from nine months to a year ago. Wish I had tallyed what that cost us then. And were we to stop growing or buying now I have no doubt we could last two years before buying again. Of course, the point is to keep accumulating and adhering to the First In/First Out rule.
One thing I've noticed is that we're eating less than we used to. Think that's part of aging, less appetite. So conceivably, our stores could last longer than two years. Mind you, these pictures are a PORTION of what we have. To us it's better than money in the bank.
Well, enough for now. I'm going to check the garden for more tomatoes, maybe the final crop of green beans and add to the compost pile on my way there. Take care with how you spend your time and your money! Treesong


Shy Wolf said...

Hi again, Treesong's; an interesting tidbit about eating habits, from my persprective, anyway. Being 61 now, I've noticed the same as you: I eat less. Part may be the activity levels aren't as high as they once were, or that I'm just slowing down due to the muscles knowing how to work and not having to 'work' as hard to do the same thing.

A bit of 'my' kinda thinking now is to comment on the un-curtained window above the food: just for security sake, you may want to cover that window: you never know who's gonna peek in. Also, the sun striking that food certainly can't be helping it any.
Bless God, Treesong's,

Mayberry said...

Impressive! Y'all are an inspiration, excellent work!