Saturday, October 4, 2008

Somebody Asked Me

1. Somebody asked me why I prep - cause food/tangibles (not trinkets) have more value than money, you fool.

2. Somebody asked my how we live on so little money - cause we don't "follow the Jones"; we don't buy trinkets and junk; we don't buy "investments" because we'd be perpetuating the top down ponzi scheme. I could go on but, hopefully, you get the idea.

3. Somebody asked me what we do with ourselves so far out of town without neon signs and traffic and noise and "entertainment." Geeesh, 10 miles ain't far out of town, though I'm sure you'd be afraid of the dark seeing as there aren't any streetlights. And the question reminds me of something my father always says: "Everytime I leave the house, I spend money. So I stay home."

4. And, somebody asked me how we afford to have so much stocked - food, toiletries and cleaning supplies; alternate ways to heat, light, and provide water, etc.

I could refer them to my answer to question #2. But clueless people are distracted by that tape in their head. It goes something like this: "If I don't have the latest and greatest, I won't be anybody." Or, "If I don't have the degree or the title, no one will look up to me." Or, "This is the greatest country on earth and I DESERVE everything it has to offer." If you really believe that line, than you deserve the debt, the "credit crunch" and the incessant need to buy more so you can think you are successful and feel better about yourself in the process. Good God, wake up.

5. Somebody asked me how I stand the silence. This person knows that I sometimes spend hours just sitting in my wing chair, feet propped on the ottoman and my cat, Mita, on my lap. If you can't stand the silence you're afraid to truly know yourself. So you seek out the TV blabber, the walkman's, the cell phones, the movies, the company of other people and multiple other diversions because the silence is deafening, scary, in fact.

Try it some time. Just sit in a chair and do nothing but breathe and see how it feels. It is the beginning of revelation.


Levy Goddess said...

Treesong, have you heard of hillbilly housewife? she has alot of recipes that are simple. Ive been trying to make sure I print out all of your recipes so that I will have them when the internet is not up.

Levy Goddess said...

I know how you feel...I dont tell anybody about me stocking up anymore..I tried to tell them too a while back and all I get is ...gloom and doom says stock up I now just tell them I will shoot on sight if I see them on the porch.

Shy Wolf said...

"Silence is Golden"'s in the silent, peaceful moments we get to hear ourselves, our God, and "know that we know" we are hearing His voice. Besides- there is never 'silence' in the wild- we just need to listen with the right kind of ears.

Staying Alive said...

And the revelation is that 10 miles out of town may be just enough. While you are sitting in your chair and day dreaming with the cat, keep a loaded shot gun or rifle across your lap. It could be one of those "watch your top-knot" kinds of times. You have food and water. Keep your head down.