Monday, October 27, 2008

Living Small

I've always been a small house aficionado. Our place is 907 square feet and too big; too much wasted space. In a previous life I designed and built an earth-bermed, passive solar cord wood house of 648 square feet. If I had an opportunity to do it again I've got the design down to 480 square feet - the legal minimum for a residence in the area we'd like to relocate to.

Anyhow...thought I'd give you some links to small house/architecture sites that will spark your imagination.

How about living in a shipping container? Or a garbage truck? Check that out at The has reams of info and links to other sites as well as a forum. Another interesting site is Eye candy for anyone who's looking for inspiration and something different.

The typical American home is full of wasted space, poor design and unnecessary cost. In later posts, I have some small home pictures I've collected.

That's all for today folks. Going out to stack firewood and take a walk. Treesong

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