Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Today's Musings

We received our bank statement today. Three Hundred in savings paid us three cents. Our deposits are loaned to the bank and we're getting three cents for our generosity.

Reading a "saving space" article today prompted me to sort out a bit more. We're going north in a week and five boxes of stuff will be passed out to kids, sister and grandkids. This is not the weather for a yard sale and I haven't the energy anyway.

My Dad always had a "giveaway" shelf in his entryway. He's whittled his possessions down to so little that I'm bringing pots and pans with us to cook meals. The only thing he has more of is medication bottles lined up on the kitchen table.

Which leads me to ask: why is it that the Veteran's Affairs negotiates the price of prescription drugs but Medicare does not? Why aren't each specific medication priced the same nationwide? Wouldn't that save a bundle? Of course, the goal of medicine (and everything else) in this country is to make money! So, there's no chance lobbyists will be out of work or lobbying declared illegal. I wonder how much "change" would really occur if those scumbags didn't exist?

A friend tried to build a home of recycled materials but the inspector tagged the place for not being up to code. Seems the studs had to be stamped with some label certifying they meet specs. In other words, her 75 year-old oak beams could become part of the "decor" but could not be used to hold up the roof. A neighbor of hers got approval, however, to hook up a 1968 moble home that had two inch walls and roof because it had the appropriate tag on a closet door.

Neighborhoods need to bring back front porches, rocking chairs, sidewalks, a chicken coop out back and a Victory Garden. Mentioned this to a gal at the grocery store who compained about the high cost of produce and not knowing anyone on her block. As we dug deeper through the pile of 10# bags of potatoes (going bad and priced at $5.99)she said, "I don't want everyone looking at me, chickens stink, and we're not at war so I don't need a Victory Garden." I had no interest in potatoes after that.

Sweetie's 96-year-old mom called today. She asked why we're going north where "there's nothing to do" and it snows more. Based on where we live it will be like going to the "big city." But, she considers wilderness to be anything above the Mackinac Bridge - based on a trip there the day after the bridge opened 50 years ago. Lots of people make judgements like that. They've seen, heard or experienced something once so it must still be the same.

We got so ticked off at the number of robo calls and campaign literature we receive that we called the biggest offender's local office and asked to be removed from their list. Stupid idea. Should have realized they use fulfillment businesses to do their dirty work. So, we were asked for our address. Four days later we get three calls from another moron in their office asking if we'd like to volunteer, some more of their flyers, and a little knock on the door. Sweetie finally blew up at that intrusion and the poor sucker took off running to his car. I think the message we delivered over the phone got misquoted.

Sometimes no matter what you try to free yourself of, improve or improvise, or who you attempt to enlighten, there's some moron or misguided do-gooder who's going to leave you wondering why you bother.

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