Sunday, October 5, 2008

More Thoughts

I see in reading my previous post that I neglected to mention our visitor - a daughter of Sweetie's sister. She picked up a box of food for his sister though we refused to tell her what's in the heavily taped box. Nor does his sister know it will be arriving about now - she's three hours from us.

Anyway, our visitor prides herself in being a vegetarian, a born-again Christian and a recycler. But she, like so many others, thinks this country's just going through a tough time and anyway "God will provide for his believers."

So okay, I don't interrupt her little sermon, nor shall I repeat it here. My reason is this, I don't believe in changing minds by preaching (maybe suggesting a bit LOL) and I'm convinced that showing by example gives the best return - like my friend in Tuscon. I am, after all, the only "prepper" she knows though a lot of her friends live in the country, leading the typical American life - drive to town 3-4 times a week, don't grow a garden, eat out frequently, are in debt past their foreheads, and complain about the new fall lineup of TV shows.

But an interesting thing happened today; maybe our visitor had a little epiphany. The dining table is full of tomatoes ripening on brown paper bags; our evening meal was cooking on the woodstove; she admired our firewood - all under cover; she noticed the canning jars/lids/rings and other accessories waiting for the next batch of tomatoes; and she asked how well we're prepared for winter.

Sweetie was sitting in his faithful recliner when she asked this, and I here at the computer. We both just grinned, then Sweetie says, "Well, you've seen the woodpile and the stove and the garden (she was parked next to it), and the canning jars."

She says, "Yeah, but uncle, I know you two don't have much money and prices are really going up. I'm just concerned and thought I'd mention the two of you in prayer." That is about as far as she's willing to go around Sweetie (the reasons for that would be a whole new post).

So Sweetie says, "Well, I guess you haven't talked much to your mom, have you?" His sister had discovered how "prepared" we are while here for a visit last month. "No, I haven't." says the neice. So Sweetie gets up from his chair and says, "Well, let's get that box in your car." He heads for the spare bedroom and she follows. If you're read my previous posts, you have an idea of what she saw.

So as they're headed out the back door to her car, she says, "Gosh, I had no idea that I didn't need to worry about the two of you. Maybe Jerry and I should be doing something like that."

Gotta love it!

In other news: Inventoried my canning lids and rings and decided I'll add to them this week. We have an appointment Wednesday in town and I know of two sources that still have some on their shelves and a friend who has a cupboard full besides (and won't use them, DUH!). I loop our rings on a string and hang them on nails in a closet; easy access and I'm not combing through boxes to find them. The lids are stored in Folger's coffee cans - those new red plastic things.

Tonight's supper is four country style ribs, sweet potatoes and steamed cauliflour. We'll have one rib left over and that will be cut up and mixed with barbeque sauce for sandwiches tomorrow. Monday's meal will likely be some creation made with canned chicken that Sweetie got from the commodity food program. I'm not fond of the chicken but have decided I just need to get more inventive with it. So we'll see what happens.

Speaking of the commodity food program; He gets it due to his income and also a box for his mother. His mom doesn't want any of it except the jar of peanut butter! So she GIVES the rest to us (she has it in her mind we must be starving over here because no one can live on what his SS check is. OH well.) So we have an ample supply of peanut butter, cheese, applesauce, rolled oats, powerdered milk, canned milk (I use this in scalloped potatoes) and an occasional can of veggies or rice or noodles. MOST of that supply is due to the fact that his mom's basement had cases of it that she never used!! He figures the government wastes enough money on just about everything so he may as well accept commodity foods. There is usually one can of beef, chicken or pork in the box he receives so that has increased our meat supply. The pork is our favorite. We have known of people who throw the meat away or donate it to food pantries. Their first option is CRAZY; the second much wiser. Though I am told by three people who operate food pantries in different locations in this state, that even at a pantry people are very picky about what they'll accept. Wonder if that will be the case when they're truly starving.

Well, time to commune with Mita the wonder cat. Later, Treesong


Staying Alive said...

Your man's MOTHER? Long lived family, I take it. And she likes the peanut butter? Well, it's a good sourve of fat and protein.

Loved the mornings read!


Anonymous said...

Must say I am enjoying your writings!! So far I like yours Michael and Mayberry and Bear Ridge !!! I am so envious of your wood stove and country life!! God Bless!!!

Florida Mom