Saturday, October 18, 2008

Day 16 Freezer Experiment & Other Observations

Well it's day 16 of the Freezer Experiment and I haven't opened it to retrieve anything since I did my batch cooking a few days ago. Last night we had leftover chili and there's two quarts in the frig in Mason jars. Did you pour the chili into the jars while its real hot and put the lid and ring on that the jar seals? Yup. Will keep for a few weeks that way in the frig. Otherwise, get ambitious and make a huge batch and pressure can seven quarts. Ready Made Meals.

Well, I was back outside helping Sweetie. He's really gung ho over this pole barn business. So four poplars are knocked down, delimbed and the logs cut into six foot lengths. Guess who the official brush hauler is? Now we're both worn out and I'm in the mood for a good back massage and a Reuben sandwich. Don't have any Swiss or mozzarella cheese so plain old American will have to do. We buy our corned beef in cans from the dollar store. It's handy to have around and slices better if cooled in the frig first.

I forgot to mention I made an apple pie this morning too. Now don't go thinking I'm always this ambitious. Just goes in streaks like everything else.

Also, we watched 20/20 last night on ABC. Stossel went after the government for their bailout scheme, the presidential candidates for their silliness and lies and the farm bill for its wastefulness. Not too often you see mainstream media talking anything close to the truth so it was refreshing.

Well, have clean clothes to bring in from the line and supper to make. Have a good evening, Treesong

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