Friday, October 3, 2008

Today's Musings

Just canned seven more quarts of tomatoes. I add chopped onion and garlic to the tomatoes. Saves me from having to add it later on. A couple weeks ago I added chopped, peeled zucchini to the tomatoes plus the onion and garlic. Great way to use all that zucchini.

Been reading various blogs this morning. Check out Mayberry, The Archdruid Report, Some Assembly Required, Survivalblog by Rawles and a few others mentioned on Staying Alive. They express themselves better than I can and have more knowledge than my foggy brain can process.

Should say I will at times sound "foggy." Have MS and fibromyalgia and sometimes the body and brain are a bit contentious.
While blogging, I'm eating a the third portion of that On-going Pot of Soup I mentioned a few days ago. Discovered there were some green beans in the mix. Don't recall just now where they came from but, hey, it fills us up.
I've decided to challenge myself to make the meat in the freezer last two months. Going without meat doesn't bother me but, the Sweetie gets a little gruff if he doesn't see a few mouthfuls every other day at the very least. Ah the challenges of living with another person. LOL
So here's our inventory of meat in the freezer:
Two 12oz. pkgs. bacon, one pkg. hot dogs, two pork roasts, one beef roast, 16 pkg. pork sausage links, 6 oz. pkg. scallops, about 6oz. of shrimp, and 10# chicken thighs and breasts.
There's also an unopened 12oz. pkg. of bacon in the frig. Then we have multiple dozens of canned tuna, corned beef, chicken, beef and pork in the various hiding places around here. Hmmmm...maybe I can stretch that meat for three months!
We're all creatures of habit and I'm no exception, so when preparing a meal I tend to open the freezer for inspiration. The canned meats are utilized but not as much. I'm thinking I should reverse this process for awhile. We're reaching the point where we'll be stacking cases of home canned and store bought items in the living room. Already, two closets, the pantry (former broom closet), the top of a table and beneath two beds are full.
I'm going to poke around in our stores and take a few pictures, just in case there's any doubters out there. Be back later, Treesong

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Mayberry said...

Thanks for the promo, and I have added y'all to my blog roll. Excellent post, excellent blog. Keep up the good work, and thank y'all for what you do!