Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Murphy's Law Five; Me One

I woke up at 5 a.m. to the sound of wind ripping the top of our shed loose. As usual, Sweetie slept through it. We still had electricity so I put on a pot of coffee, splashed some water on my face and wrapped myself in an afghan and cozied up with Mita the wonder cat while the Folger's brewed.
Just as I was getting up to savor that first cup of java, the lights went out and I stumbled over our kitten. Now I have a bruised right knee and a sore wrist. Murphy one; me zero.
But life goes on.

Back in my chair, balancing the coffee in one hand and petting Mita with the other (our morning ritual) I am attacked by the kitten again. Now Mita is upset as she does not like coffee baths. Murphy two; me another zero. The power is still off and I'm sitting in the dark, by the way.

The cats are having a little disagreement on the floor and once again I am plodding across the living room in search of the flashlight. I do not have one stashed in the magazine rack next to my chair. In fact there is no flashlight in the livng room. I have discovered a hole in our preps! There is a flashlight the kitchen silverware drawer though, and I make my way there in safety just as the power is turned on. I place the flashlight in the magazine rack "just in case" and sit down again. All is well for about an hour and the wind dies down. Sweetie is still asleep and the cats have made up.

At 7 a.m. it is finally light out and Sweetie walks into the living room asking "where the H-- have you been?" Guess he likes me snuggling next to him! I tell him about the storm and he tells me it's my imagination. I forgive him that remark because he's not yet fully awake.

I decide to venture outside and "take a peek at the damage" and he tells me I'm nuts. Oh well, he's stuck with me now!

Outside, the air is stangely calm and I recall that's how it was one year ago when a tornado came through. By this time I'm around the end of our mobile home and see something flapping off the end of the shed. Kind of expeded damage there as it was quickly built of scrap materials and we've had problems with it before. As I walk behind the shed I see a skunk heading for the woods, his back to me. I make an abrupt turn and head back inside safe and scent free.

By this time Sweetie is getting a bit contankerous and wants his breakfast. I am such a darling I ALWAYS make it for him. With that job out of the way I'm game for a walk so I get dressed. Walking down the hall I notice the back door is open and leaves are flying in the door. It is now nearly 8 a.m. and the temp is 40 degrees so I wear sweatpants and sweatshirt. Out on the road I spook a couple deer crossing the road and continue on my way. Sweetie ought to be out here. It would wake him up proper! The wind has picked up again and I'm heading into it, head bent down and determined to follow my usual two mile route. Halfway through my loop, I am met on the road by some smartass who thinks it's funny to beep the horn and pull up real close. I turn around to tell him a thing or two and discover it's the State Police. "M'am, you really shouldn't be out here alone. There's been an accident on the highway and the driver's run off into the woods in this direction." I tell him I'm headed back and he takes off. About half a mile later I'm now going uphill with the wind at my back and trying to keep my long hair in place; I didn't tie it back before leaving the house. As I crest the hill a man runs across the road...
If he saw me it didn't matter as he kept running. About two minutes later a helicoptor is overhead and the State Trooper buzzes by again.

Once home I come in the door blabbing about the "excitement" as Sweetie is pointing at the kitchen floor but NOT SAYING anything! Murphy three; me another zero. This time it kinda hurts to sit down and I'm not too happy with you know who. And when, oh when will he learn that HE needs to wipe up his spills?

So for a couple hours I decide it's safer to just sit here and read email and the blogs. All is well with the world again.

About 11 a.m. I decide to go pick the beets in the garden. The deer have beat me to all but six of them. Murphy four; me zero.

Seeing as I'm outside I'll stack some firewood. But Sweetie has let the kitten out and she spies another opportunity to score. I won't even bother with the details. Murphy five; me zero.

I come inside and gingerly sit in a chair at the table to hand quilt the border I started yesterday. As I thread my needle the kitten - who has been let back in - runs across the table where I sit. But, there is justice in the world. Dear kitty's paw finds the needle before I do and now she's whining in Sweetie's lap. Murphy five; Me one.

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Mayberry said...

It's always nice to get one up on old man Murphy!