Monday, March 30, 2009

Found Money

I heard from an elderly friend this weekend regarding the sale of her foreclosed home. She and her late husband had lived in it for at least 45 years that I know of. They always struggled financially and I recall them refinancing their home every few years.

Anyway, a man bought her 2 acre place for $11,000 and promptly went about "updating" it. He began in the basement where part of the home appeared to be supported by a wooden keg. On top of the keg was a 12x12 inch wood post with a notch in the top that tucked around a beam overhead. A couple other wooden kegs had been in the house when my friend and her husband bought the place and they cut them in half to use as flower boxes. The story was that the original owner had been a moonshiner.

So, my friend says, "You know all those years we struggled and I always said I wished I had a wishing well full of coins on my property?" she said. "Well, I did."

The new owner took a sledge hammer to the keg and post after placing a metal support post nearby and out spilled thousands of coins.

He bought the place in August 2008 and it took him until November 2008 to count and "appraise" his find. Wisely, he told no one about this until he had all the money stashed in a secure location off the premises.

Coincidentally, my Dad called with a similar story. He's rented a tiny house for years and the landlord had always told him that as long as he lived in it he could do as he please and the landlord would never raise the rent. So my Dad still pays $180 a month plus utilities.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Over the years my Dad had build cabinets, replaced a couple windows, repainted and basically been snug as a bug in his 16x42 foot home with a full basement and attached garage.

My father's cat has run of the house, including the basement and last night it jumped on Dad's lap with a $5.00 bill in its mouth. Of course, Dad thought he'd dropped the money so he placed it in his wallet and congratulated his cat. This morning he entered his shed to let the cat out and found another $5.00 laying next to the basement entry. THAT door is always open a few inches to give the cat access. So Dad lets the cat out and opens the basement door to find money strewed all down the steps. He discovered that the cat had been up in the sill and pulled out an old canvas bag that was tucked inside a wooden box. The mice had chewed at the box and part of the bag and Dad's cat did the rest of the work. Total haul about $580.00.

So of course these stories got me to thinking...wonder if there's any money hidden around here - that we don't know about. Probably wishful thinking but one never knows.

When we were teenagers my brother offered to tear the old upholstery off an antique sofa because my mother wanted to use some of it for a bench before the sofa was brought to her uncle's upholstery shop. Brother found $200.00 stuffed in the sofa.

Years ago while remodeling a house, I found jars of pennies enclosed in a shed wall. Wish they had been quarters.

Another couple I knew bought an old farm and were about to fill in an old caved in root cellar. The wife jumped into it at the last minute because she spied a board she could use to build a picture frame. As she pulled on the board the boards on either side of it came loose - and revealed quart mason jars full of money. So they dug OUT the cellar instead of filling it in. Total find was about $2,000.

And I'm thinking that with the economy souring and people losing their trust in the banks, etc. hiding money in plain sight will become more common. And two generations from now maybe people will discover the "legal tender" we used to use.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

We've Made An Offer

We emailed our realtor today to firm up plans to take another look at the place we're interested in up north. He emailed back and said he had answers to some of our previous questions but that another person looked at the place twice this week. He advised making an offer contingent on the sale of this place and asking for 14 days to have an inspection done. If accepted, this will buy us some time and tie it up from another offer. Otherwise, our offer can be rejected outright, counter offered or accepted. So, once again we wait.

In the area we're looking, it's the only place with acreage (5 acres total) outside of a tiny, tiny "location" that has no stores but within 14 miles of my "home" area. It has everything we'd like - fenced garden, sauna, workshop, two car garage and under $40,000!!!

If you're into prayer, please add one for us. Of course, we want what's best for us and maybe this is what God has in mind. Thanks, Treesong

Homemade Laundry Soap

A reader requested my recipe for homemade laundry soap. I'm a casual, little of this, little of that kind of gal who seldom measures but here's what I usually do.

Into a 3 gallong covered bucket I pour ONE 76 oz. box of 20 Mule Team Borax, TWO 55 oz. boxes of Arm&Hammer Washing Soda, and ONE grated 5.5 oz. bar of Fels Naptha Laundry Soap.

The key is to pour the boxes of Borax and Washing Soda slowly as they can become airborn and burn your nose and eyes. I have an old wooden spoon that I mix the contents up with. I use about 1/4 cup per full load. This mixtures lasts me six months - but I only wash about two loads a week!

Scheduled Outage & A Letter to My Children

There's a little alert at the top of my blog page saying: "Scheduled outage at 4:00PM PDT on Thursday (3/25)."

That got me to thinking - scary thought, I know, but sometimes I actually have a few lucid moments.

Anyway, imagine if there were a "scheduled outage" throughout the land - the entire world for that matter. Say, four hours when everything just stopped. Commerce, production, scheming, planning, celebrating ill-gained "profits" or grieving stupid purchases and reckless consumption.

A time when everything came to a standstill and we were all given the opportunity to come to our senses.

I know it will never happen, but what a revelation, what an historic event it would be. If you've even sensed an approaching storm, when everything seems to stand still for a moment and the skies change color, you know what I mean.

I just emailed my children with the following thought, after getting a bit peeved at them for their incessant questioning of my "doomer choices."

Here it is: Dear children of mine, You're all adults and can make your own choices. That is clear to me but, it seems to me that none of you recognize that I too am an adult. And therefore, I can make my own choices. In all the months, years actually, of your individual criticisms I have continued to live as I do because I truly BELIEVE in my choices and TIME has proven them to be prudent. So I ask each of you today to reflect on your choices and ask yourselves some questions.

1. If your decisions have been so good, why are you still struggling and always taking one step forward and three back?

2. If consumption and debt have served you so well, why do you still want more and never seem satisfied?

3. If you have each taken such good care of yourselves following the status quo, why are your cupboards bare, your debt immense, your pressures intense and your fears growing?

There are more questions I could ask but these are a good start. And before you raise get defensive by turning the questions on me, without considering them yourselves, I will gladly answer them.

1. I am not struggling anywhere near as much as any of you. Most of our teps are tiny and in a forward motion. Yes, we've had our challenges (truck motor comes to mind) but we have never been in danger of being homeless and hungry.

2. We are not drowning in debt and do not desire fleeting, useless STUFF because we know what truly satisfies us: a paid-for comfortable, small home; a garden and a woodshed; simple pleasures like reading, puzzles, blogging, talking, meditating.

3. Out cupboards are NOT bare, we're not saddled with debt, and we have few pressures. Around here "pressure" is figuring out how to split firewood when I've got a cold and Sweetie has a dislocated shoulder.

Now, I will admit to having fear. We both fear that this country will deteriorate to the point where many will perish - including each of you. We fear not living close enough to each of you to be of assistance. We fear that your children and grandchildren will never know the wisdom and security associated with growing and preserving their own food, or the warmth of a wood stove fire, or how to make quilts and repair torn clothing.

There is more I could say, but you'd probably tune me out within the first 10 minutes. So, I'm posting this on my blog in hopes that someone will read it and consider what I've said.

Love, Mother

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Young Preppers/Homesteaders

We spent a few hours yesterday visiting with the young couple who want to buy this place. Can't say if we'll accept their offer, but I can tell you this: they exemplified what ALL adults should be doing in this country - taking care of themselves!

By the end of the day, I asked: "Is there any skill you two have not tried your hands at?"

They both laughed and said: "...blacksmithing, but it's on the list."

While touring our home, they both sighed with relief when I showed them the pantry. "OH, God, I was praying on the way up here that you had a pantry. I don't think we could live without one," said the young woman. And, they shop once a month!!! People after my own heart!

And - they garden, can, vacuum seal, dehydrate, salt cure, butcher, hunt, fish, and raise meat and eggs. They also home school their childre. She's a midwife; he's an excellent hog farmer who's always being sought out by other farmers. She makes nearly all their clothing - including diapers and hunting jackets, rain slickers and snow pants!!!

As they were leaving, she gifted us with a homemade loaf of 7-grain bread!!

I'm worn out just thinking about this productive couple!

Out of curiosity, I asked how they met as they are now devout Christians who "home church." She was a drug crazed waitress in a bar, he was the drunk at the bar. They rest is history, as they say.

It was reassuring to know that some young people care about survival/homesteading and seek knowledge from their elders. What a sight to behold!

Friday, March 20, 2009

News Today: Sales, Sales

We've been emailing back and forth since yesterday with a couple interested in our place. This morning just as I opened their latest email, the phone rang. Sweetie answered it. His sister was calling to say there was an offer on their mom's place next door to us. He and his siblings have agreed to accept the offer. By May 1st he'll have his share of the proceeds. Once he hung up, I read the email. We've been offered a land contract (which we've always been skeptical of and needing cash to buy another place) with a sizable amount down, payments of $1,000 a month for three years with a small balloon payment at the end.

In addition, I had asked the person emailing us about their email "handle." What a surprise to realize I knew them via a former affiliation with a church in the Upper Peninsula! so now I have confirmation that God does move in mysterious ways and we shall see what develops.

Oh, I also emailed our realtor to say we'd be up there to make an offer around Easter if not before. He said, "You two were the only ones to ever look at that place. Now, this weekend I'm showing it to someone else!" OUCH!!!

But, once again, if not this place it will be something better. Maybe my faith is just being tested! Treesong

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Day Before Doomsday

Check out Ol' Remus's post entitled "The Day Before Doomsday" at

Make sure you click on Current Issue at the left hand side. A lesson to be learned there for folks who have stocked up and then decide to make one more trip...Scary.

Thoughts On Worldwide Famine

Found this link on another forum and thought I'd pass it on.

It's Mr. Atkins essay on a worldwide famine and there's plenty of food for thought (no pun intended) in the essay. There's also links to other writings but I haven't explored them.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Little Bit Every Day

While we're waiting to sell this place there's always something to do - especially when the snow's melting! Once we sat and thought about what it will take to physically move we had more than enough inspiration to getter done!

During the long, cold, dreary days of winter, when we're wishing for spring, it's easy to dawdle and do nothing. Watch the tube, read the blogs, cook and eat more than we need, forward silly emails, and daydream.

But, it's time for action. The warm weather has inspired us of course, and so has a potential sale. But, in the end, the more we accomplish now, the less stress we'll have later on.

Thus far today we've cut up the last of our firewood, cleaned the chimney, picked up stray branches that blew down last week, smoothed out the driveway, and worked on the backhoe. The next time we're in town I have a few boxes ready for the thrift store and we'll pick up more boxes to pack what we don't need. One closet in our home can be packed in the pickup and we'll pull a small trailer containing a wood stove and wood burning kitchen range. After that we'll still have the flatbed trailer to haul the tractor, tools and a few odds and ends. Another pickup load and a small U-Haul will complete the process.

If we're fortunate enough to buy the place we want, it comes completely furnished. And - we like most of the furniture! So about the only thing we'd move from our home would be four pieces of wicker furniture, the antique Hoosier cabinet, the computer desk, and my wing chair and ottoman.

I am chomping at the bit to be able to do things outside, so I chopped the edges of melting snow from the patio and shoveled it off! Lord knows I need the exercise!

Tonight we'll eat left over corned beef and cabbage and tomorrow I'll fix another round of "Leftover Casserole" with whatever's on the refrigerator shelves.

We have so much food storage that we've decided to stop buying - just in case we move soon.

Whatever the case, spring is the time of year when we start thinking of growth and change and new possibilities. It's a good feeling and, despite the economy, we're determined to remain positive. Besides, we're not in danger of losing our jobs - seeing as we have none - and we're debt free!

As I keep saying to Sweetie, One step in front of the other and sooner or later we'll get there.

Have a great day! Treesong

Monday, March 16, 2009

Our Potential Buyer

Our "Looker" spent three hours here today, looking over the property, the home, and asking lots of questions. Along the way we discovered we have a lot in common with him.

He is retired, loves gardening (it was the second question he asked Sweetie when they met in the yard), and is very frugal. When he asked about what appliances stay with the home, I said "all" but added that we seldom use the dryer. He said, "I never use one."

When he looked in the closets and saw our five pressure canners and 25 dozen boxes of canning jars (most full) he said, "Guess my question about the garden was kinda silly."

Just before leaving he asked if he could take a picture of us standing at the front door with our dog, Lady. Sure!

He's definitely a cash buyer and said he'll keep in touch. He was looking at two other places today before returning home. Also asked if it was alright to come back in about three weeks when most of the snow should be gone. Sure!

So, we still hopeful and really enjoyed visiting with him. At the very least, we finally had ONE person who's actually looked at our home. He did say that thus far in his search we had the nicest acreage, the best location and he was "absolutely" in love with our wood stove.

And, I tried out the Cheesy Chicken recipe from a fellow blogger. Goooood, gooooood!!!

Later, Treesong

Sunday, March 15, 2009

We Have a Looker!

A couple weeks ago a guy emailed me about our place after seeing it on Craigslist. Today he called. He will be here tomorrow morning. Thus far everything we've said about the place sounds good to him - especially being far off the road and not seen when the leaves are out and lots of elbow room. He is a CASH buyer and we are hopeful.

Please, if you feel led, pray, visualize, and hope that we have a buyer. We've also had four calls on the backhoe and two people look at it. One is returning Wednesday with another friend who's also looking to buy one.

Maybe things are starting to move! Treesong

Friday, March 13, 2009

I Am Sick Of My Own Cooking!

That right. I have food fatique. Out of the 1095 meals we consume each year, I probably make 1079. We eat out on average 10 times a year - including the three meals we eat out when we go home to the Upper Peninsula. Sweetie has cooked a meal four to six times in the past 12 months. How do I know? Well, for one thing, the kitchen looks like a class of 5th graders was let loose in there. For another, he fixes his old standbys: hamburgers, baked beans and fried potatoes; double tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches; baked chicken with a veggie and baked potato; or toasted tuna sandwiches and your choice of canned soup. Not that I'm complaining, but I'm ready for something new.

So how about some suggestions from my fellow bloggers? I have a few dislikes and allergies to consider, though. I am allergic to shellfish (the iodine), so no clams, oysters, shrimp and I'm not fond of mushrooms, olives, lemon merangue or sardines.

We're going to Traverse City Tuesday for a dermatology appointment so I'll have an opportunity to shop in different markets. We are coming home that day to a slow cooked corned beef brisket with cabbage, carrots, potatoes and onion. But after that, I need some inspiration!

Later, Treesong


We've located another monitor and will pick it up Sunday. NO CHARGE!!

I've made another scrub top - from a sheet I paid $2 for! In fact, I bought two identical sheets for $4 and estimate I have enough material for four scrub tops with leftover scraps going in my quilting stash. I already have visions of a new purple Kaleidoscope quilt.

Well, that's all for now. Have to walk next door and play mechanic's helper again - this time on the JD backhoe/loader. Later, Treesong

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Monitor Problems

Our monitor is changing/losing color. It's old, real old so likely to give out anytime. Us scroungers will be looking for a replacement but if you don't hear from me for awhile it's 'cause we don't have one. Thanks, Treesong

Patchwork Scrub Style Top

As promised here's a picture of the patchwork scrub style top I made. It's comfy, versitile and easy to make. So...I think I'll make another!

9.4 Trillion - And the Economy Needs More?

If ever there was a case of insanity, it is our government's "solution" to the economic mess this country is now experiencing.

9.4 trillion thus far and still there is no fix. And because we have a blessed "global economy" and ever increasing moves toward a "One World Order," our President is now calling on other economies/governments to contribute to a world wide stimulus (my rough approximation of the BS being spouted now).

And yet, they don't see what more and more of us see. The days of "consuming" and fractional reserve banking and investment Ponzi schemes are over. Wealth "creation" on paper with a few moves in the digital world are the problem - not the solution - you nitwits!!!

It's like fixing a leak in the dam with Super Glue. They think Super Glue is such a wonderful product that promises unbelievable results so they keep applying it!!! Just add more Super Glue to the leaks and eventually enough will be applied that it works!!!

At what point to "they" stop trying?

I don't know about you, but I've learned there's a point at which you stop trying. And if I can learn that - being a 55 year-old, disabled, homemaker who lives every month on what some Wall Streeters spend on dinner at New Yorks' best - why the Hell can't they?

To switch analogies, I once mended my favorite cotton patchwork top eleven times before giving up.

You see, I loved that top. It was a funky, hippy looking patchwork top in shades of navy, purple, rust and gold. I bought it at a resale shop with a matching pair of shorts and slacks. I never liked the shorts and slacks but kept them for the fabric. And wow, did that fabric come in handy. Nearly every time I wore the top a part of it would tear. It just seemed to fall apart. But, by golly, I kept repairing it! One day I realized the fabric was rotting and no matter how many times I repaired the top it would always be falling apart.

Kind of like our "economy" - and our "government" - both rotting and falling apart.

Some people have proposed a Jubilee - where all our debts are forgiven. Sure, I'd agree to that. But, a part of me would like to have hard, cold cash in my hand. Just to experience it, and use it!

Others have said give every American a stimulus check of at least - let's say $250,000 - and watch the "economy" rebound.

But, alas, there are at least two problems with that idea. First, government would never consider such an act. It's too simplistic. It also leaves "Government" with little to do after the money is distributed. And Lord knows, the government staying out the equation is not something they could fathom.

Just imagine the fear in their hearts if every American was suddenly wealthier. Somewhere along the way, a lot of us might realize we really don't "need" government - at least as it currently exists - and decide to get rid of it.

Imagine if we were able to make decisions about what we bought and sold because we had the money to do so? Imagine not needing bankers and credit card companies - at least not in the way most of us need them now!!!

Imagine if we were able to decide what program(s) we no longer participated in or contributed to. My Heavens, the country at first would be estatic. Visions of SUVs and vacations, paying off bills and being mortgage free, having enough food and clothing and heat, and being able to buy a home and pay property taxes - and a zillion other things would dance in our collective heads.

But then, reality would set in and government would be very uneasy and put a stop to it - as they do to most good ideas - because, you see, "government" couldn't cope with our new found wealth and freedom. Admittedly, there would be people who couldn't handle a windfall - just like lottery winners who squander millions and then are destitute.

But the governement's real fear would be that we might realize we no longer "need" them. Think about it. Government - federal, state, county, township, city - is the single largest employer in this country! Without government to tell us how to do "it" we'd be free of their encumberances - and likely to screw up who knows what - and they'd be out of a JOB!! Heaven forbid the paper pushers, rule makers and enforcers lost their power!!!

And so, some of us continue to bitch, some are totally oblivious, and others continue to hope for a miracle. And "government" and the elite continue to conspire about how to soothe our fears, and our joblessness, and our underwater mortgages, and our homelessness, and our lack of spending - while the GDP tanks, Wall Street plunges and the Powers That Be struggle to maintain control over the masses while keeping their status quo.

When will it end?

Monday, March 9, 2009

My Version of Heaven

This morning's local newscast had a segment called "Michigan This Morning" which featured a retired couple living on James Island - north of Drummond Island in the Upper Peninsula.

For those of you not familiar with our state, Drummond Island is off the eastern tip of the lower part of the Upper Peninsula - not far from St. Ignace.

Dave and Paula Bardsley are the owners and full time residents of James Island. They ski back and forth to Drummond Island for their mail - and everything else. Their log home is heated by wood - with maybe auxiliary heat - and they said working all those years to live like they do has paid off. The couple both prefer their skis to their snowmobile because of the noise!!!! God Bless Them!

Just imagine the seclusion, the quiet - no traffic! - and the independence island living could foster. I'd be growing a garden, extending the season with a greenhouse, and savoring all those quarts of canned produce and meat!!

I wonder if they'd like to adopt us!!!

Ahhh...I can smell the fresh air and feel the water spray on my face as I paddle across the channel.

Spent a lot of time on islands as a kid 'cause my father was a lighthouse keeper!!!

In other news, I sorted through my material stash yesterday and got inspired to make a patchwork top for myself. I'll post a picture of the completed project in a day or so.

Later, Treesong

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Since Tuesday

It's a cool, gray day and my disposition is about the same.

I'm tired of being tired and unable to walk without loosing my balance. Guess this is just one of those times when it all gets to me.

In an effort to distract myself and do something productive, I've been taking inventory of the closets and cupboards. It's been a slow, tedious process but it passes the time and, in a strange sort of way, leads me to thinking about other things.

Mainly, planting this year's garden and whether or not I'll be in great enough shape to do it. I have visions of rows of veggies and my garlic patch and picking the first tomato and Royal Burgundy beans - which turn green when cooked.

The roads are solid ice here so we haven't ventured out since fixing the truck. Colder weather and snow are forecast tomorrow. Yuk, Yuk, yuk!!!

Kitty Kitty is perched on the back of the sofa watching the chipmunks and squirrels scamper across the snow in search of more food. We scattered bread heels, dried out donuts, and stale popcorn in the woods and the wildlife show has been non-stop. Crows, deer, our long-tailed friends, and a stray dog have all partaken of the feast. I keep hoping a mouse will join the group so Kitty Kitty can get a good look at what she's supposed to be catching inside! Thus far no luck. The mouse trap was sprung again last night - while Kitty Kitty laid in the bathroom doorway! I have stopped feeling her canned cat food and refuse to give her any meat scraps from our plates and still she plays with the mouse. Perhaps she thinks it is like her orange mouse toy, only more active!

I am totally disgusted with 99.99% of the news and so I've stopped watching it. The fact that Madoff is permitted to live in splendor while negotiating a plea agreement just frys me no end. And those morons at GM "need" more bailout money or they'll be in bankruptcy!!! They should have filed a long time ago. You and I sure would have had to do so if we were business owners in trouble!! And then certain bankers don't want to divulge who/what got bonuses prior to being acquired by another institution because it may cause bad feelings internally and they're worried about competitors stealing away their top executives? Good Lord. Crooks and swindlers and ponzi schemers worried about other crooks and swindlers! And our government (oops, the Other Crooks and Swindlers) go through the motions of "getting answers" while lining their pockets with contributions from the people they're investigating.

Have you ever considered for ONE MOMENT what fear and panic would ensue if we stopped buying, banking, driving and otherwise consuming for even ONE WEEK? If NO ONE showed up for work, or bought food or gas or trinkets or supplies or deposited to their accounts? And wouldn't it be a sight to behold if we all showed up at the banks over a one week period and withdrew any money we had. Of course, about 24 hours into this ploy - or sooner - the Fed, the government, and likely the National Guard, would put a stop to that!

I'm absolutely sick of all of it. If we are ever able to move, there isn't a place remote enough - or cheap enough - to satisfy me right now.

I read a comment in Jim Rawles' blog about road signs being removed in rural areas to confuse or distract wandering people. It occurred to me that a 911 emergency crew could get lost while trying to locate a place, but in most rural areas your crews know (or should know) the lay of the land regardless of signs.

Well, enough ranting. Kitty Kitty is meowing to go outside and I need to check the lasagna sauce on the wood stove. Later, Treesong

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Since Friday

Since Friday...

We've got the engine in the Ford F150 - wheels are running again!

We've cut two full cords of firewood. The cold continues here and we had burnt through five full cords - one more cord than last year. We have at least six more weeks of heating to go though the temps are supposed to reach a balmy 48 degrees later this week. That will warm us up so we can endure all the high winds, rain, snow, sleet and dampness to come. Brrrrr...

I did our monthly shopping by myself! Left Sweetie at home and got a little "me" time. Came home four hours later after intentionally dawdling in the resale shop and three grocery stores.

I'm always here and 99% of the time leave here with him, so he was on the verge of panic. "What took you so long!" Go figure!

After helping him with the truck engine it was best we kept a little distance, if you get my drift. I am not a mechanic. I am not a tool geek who knew the difference between a box end wrench and an open end wrench. I know, I know, I know!!!! So don't comment, please!!!

This guy's lucky. I spent hours in a damp pole barn listening to him cuss when he nicked his knuckles. I handed him tools. I clamped hoses. I maneuvered this part and that part (hey, this ain't a mechanic describing this process!). I brought him lunch and coffee. I called the auto parts dealer and twice borrowed a car to pick up parts. And I'm still scrubbing the grease out of my fingernails, so he best be thankful!!!

And, since Friday, our youngest cat, Kitty Kitty, the Calico that I rescued, has been playing with a mouse. Notice, I said playing, not catching and killing. And since Friday, that mouse has taken the bait from the trap three times without getting caught.

And then today, I woke up with the "drunken sailor syndrome" again. So, me and the walker were best buddies. I'm feeling a more even keeled now though earlier, while taking a well deserved rest, I heard something chewing. The mouse was in our bedroom - not a comforting feeling. I got up in search of Kitty Kitty. She was none too happy about being awakened from her favorite spot on the sofa. Too bad! I told her "no more food until you catch that mouse," then plopped her down on our bed and left the room.

About five minutes later I heard her rustling around and things falling off my dresser. Then, she ran up and down the hall before sliding into the bathroom. She'd cornered the mouse behind the dryer and the waiting game was on. Every once in awhile we'd hear a little tumble but thus far the mouse is winning.

It's going to be a sleepless night unless I take something to knock me out. I'm not a fan of mice - or engine replacements, or grease.

But, life could be worse. Just remember that, Treesong