Friday, October 31, 2008

I Got Nothing But Bitching Right Now

Good Morning Folks,

No birds chirping today; just the sound of the city guy's leaf blower - since 7 a.m. Has to have a perfectly manicured lawn and suck up a bit more gas and remind us that he's baaaaack!

It ain't a beginning to the day when I don't get my beauty rest. Seeing as I'm a make-up free kinda gal my beauty rest is the only chance I have to look presentable. But, it is Halloween!

Nearly three hours of this "airplane about to take off" sound already! You can't pick your relatives and you can't pick your neighbors - not really 'cause property does change hands from time to time.

So what else can I bitch about this morning, seeing as that is my mood?

How about that Joe the Plumber guy, huh? Had his time in the spotlight again at a McSame campaign appearance. Thank God the news show we were watching didn't quote the guy. I'm am so sick of McSame's sound bite dribble and rah, rah "fight, fight" spectacles. Maybe he could get a job as a cheer leading coach for some losing team trying to make a comeback.

And before you get your dander up, Obammy's getting a little tiring too. Tuesday can't come soon enough.

I wonder how many millions this Inauguration is gonna cost? Like our national conventions, another opportunity to waste money. But, hey, wasting money is our national past time NOT football or baseball, silly.

And China, who we owe millions (or is it billions) to is building infrastructure and has the highest savings rate of any developed country. Plus us suckers buy all their crap! Gotta hand it to 'em; smart cookies. And they limit population growth too. But their air quality sucks as does their personal freedoms. But, like my Grammy always said "take what wisdom you can from anyone and ignore the rest."

Guess some of that bailout money is getting closer to the consumer. We got a Chase bank offer for a home-equity loan "from 4.74%." From is the operative word, there folks. I think they call that a "teaser rate." So I say, let's go visit that loan officer and get her all excited 'cause she calls us at least once a month trying to drum up business. She can't quite figure out how we survive without any debt and a bare minimum in checking and savings. Poor gal, her new Sarah Palin glasses haven't improved her perspective one bit. Oh well, I kinda like being mysterious.

Well, the moron across the road had quieted down for a few minutes but he's back at it again. Sweetie's being especially mean this morning. Says that steady drone is getting us desensitized for the hunters on four-wheelers and snowmobilers who ignore no trespassing signs. And, if the price of gas remains low there's bound to be more of them.

I wish there were young pranksters in this neighborhood who would have targeted his machine shed last night.

Oh well, maybe if I eat breakfast my blood sugar will stabilize my mood. Later, Treesong

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Mayberry said...

Neighbors. Can't live with 'em, and it's illegal to shoot 'em.....
With my neighbor, it's their dog, which they've abandoned in the back yard. Once he starts to barkin', there's no shuttin' him up! Though several 10 PM knocks on the door from me, with murder in my eye, seems to have quieted things down a bit..... Some people should not have pets!