Sunday, October 19, 2008

More Gall; More Greed

Should anyone be surprised anymore by ANY news out of Wall Street. In fact, should anyone be surprised by any news out of the mouth of any government or politician? Yet, I still am. I spit out my morning coffee when I read this piece from the Guardian: "Financial workers at Wall Street's top banks are to receive pay deals worth more than $70bn (£40bn), a substantial proportion of which is expected to be paid in discretionary bonuses, for their work so far this year - despite plunging the global financial system into its worst crisis since the 1929 stock market crash, the Guardian has learned."

And why do stockholders tolerate corporations who spend millions or more for naming stadiums after themselves? Does the "poor" team needs the sponsorship? Like hell. Of course, I guess when players' salaries are in line with corporate honchos, then some body's got to foot the bill?

It all makes me sick. We truly are a world of the little guy supporting the fat cats. It's time we put them on a diet.

Consider how much financial security we'd have if we stopped participating in the "merchandising" of every "star" of film, music, literature, fashion, finance, food, sport and government under the sun. They are, after all, only stars because we've supported their vanity.

We're consumers of the most inane things on earth. Everything is "branded" and we put ourselves in the poor house in order to what? Feel included? Feel superior? It's crazy; plain crazy.

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