Sunday, May 30, 2010

When You Wake Up Tomorrow...

Just imagine that instead of winding down from the holiday weekend you hear that banks will remain closed "until further notice." While trying to wrap your brain around that news the neighbor knocks on the door and says: "Did you hear there are long lines at the gas stations?" While speaking to the neighbor your phone rings. You answer and are told not to come into work Tuesday. The plant or store or office has closed.

As you collapse into your favorite chair the sky turns dark and a fine ash begins to decend from the sky. An Icelandic volcano has erupted. You didn't hear about it because you were sunbathing at the beach all weekend and there was no cell reception.

What I want to know is how would you be affected?

Yeah, maybe all these things won't rock your world at once. But what if two or three or even one did?


Stephanie said...

I have been thinking about this alot lately. I have some food stocked up, but not near enough for what we need. And the little money I do have is in the bank :( Need to start keeping it after I cash whatever check.

Thanks for the great post.

Sixbears said...

The first thing I'd think about is all the last minute stuff that it's too late to do.

Then I'd square my shoulders and do the best with what I've got.

Actually, I think about this stuff fairly often. My friends sometimes complain about it.

Today, I'm in better shape than last week, but not as good as I'll be next month. (if the devil don't come and creek don't rise)

Preps vary some from month to month. Have a hard time to keep ready cash. Today, I think I have about $45.

Used to keep $3000 for emergencies . . . then I had an emergency. Glad I had it but it's gone now.

treesong said...

Thanks Stephanie and Sixbears for stopping by. When I think along these lines I'm usually reminded of the simple things we could have done but have put off - and then regret! Like not buying more locking gas caps and having a spare in every vehicle - our most recent example.

Like I tell Sweetie, what's the point in prepping and living as close to the land as we can if we neglect the simple stuff? It's like looking at the forest and not seeing the trees. They aren't all green, or even alive. Some are leaning toward the power line or a building, asking for our attention. And we walk by saying to ourselves, "I oughta..."

MEB said...

I would continue with my garden and maybe expand it some. I have some "back up" cash and lots of food stored-well, enough for me-I have lantrens, lamps and candles and a big barb-b-q smoker. I am sure I will run out at some point, but I have prepared the best I can.

Did it MY way said...

The cash is not in the bank. But what will it be worth under those conditions? Shelter, food and water are still the biggest items to consider. You will be on your own. Be prepared. How much tp do you have? Medicine? Different ways to cook? Never stop thinking, and never stop prepping.

See Ya.

Mayberry said...

Along with the preps goes the phrase "always vigilant". We all need to unwind now and then, but never disconnect from what's going on. SHTF likes to hit at 3 a.m. on a Sunday....

Anonymous said...

AND a way to guard what you have.
Electricity , natural gas, gasoline for generator , LP gas,all might be in big demand or unavailable . With big freezer full of food/no electricity, water/well no electricity to pump it...we ALL would only be good for awhile, after that, I honestly don't know what would happen. There will be an Achilles heel for all of us somewhere down the line, you can only do so much.
We had a 10 days power outage , but , it was in the winter so we just set food from freezer outside in clean trash cans. We had plenty supplies for that and did well. Hubby's parents though, live next to us about 1/2 mile and they couldn't wait to get out and was driving them crazy...honestly. They have city water so that didn't bother them and wood heat(us too). It was just NOT being able to go anywhere (the roads were ice covered and treacherous). And didn't have enough prescription meds....they are not and never will be big planners.
Thanks for getting us all thinking.

SHARON said...

I tried talking to a lady last month at 'Office of the Aging'. I asked her if she was prepared for an earthquake or a tornado. Her reply was, "Why, they never happen around here."
Then, last week, we had a small one touch down. No one hurt, not much property damage, mostly trees. But it did happen, HERE!
I wonder if she got the hint.