Friday, May 7, 2010

A Camping We Will Go

Sometimes a deal comes along that you just can't resist. Yesterday, on our way home from my birthday lunch, they guys spotted a garage sale and had soon aquired a Johnson outboard and aluminum scaffolding.

But I found a 1981 Class C Rockwood Motor home with 80,000 miles on it!

While siting in the car with Dad I asked my son to inquire about it. He came back and said, "You better get out of the car. Either I'm hearing him wrong or it's the deal of the century."

After looking at it I thought, "And we just spent all our money!" You know how it is when you have four monthly expenditures that arrive simultaneously, you're remodeling and have car repairs. We had $300 in cash to our names with another payday due on the 15th. With a home full of preps and Dad as financial backup, I know we won't be destitute but what a time to find a motorhome!

Though we could have asked Dad to front us the cash, we'd rather make our own way. I asked the owner if he'd take a deposit with the balance next week and he agreed. Wow, was I pumped! Then I discovered I hadn't brought the checkbook! Ouch! I asked Dad if he'd loan me some cash until we got home. He reached for his wallet and said, "That makes two of us!" I turned to my son who said, "Sorry, I just used all my cash for the scaffolding!"

I swear it was a test of our determination!

Still determined to buy the motor home, I asked the owner if he'd hold it until today. "Sure!" he said. I wanted to kiss him!

Today we got a more thorough inspection, drove it around his yard and gave him the down payment. The owner put two spare tires in our car's trunk and next week we'll drive it home.

My head's still spinning so I'll post technical info later. It's been well cared for, was used once last year, has an Onan generator and it's very clean. Our digital camera is acting up again so no pictures yet.

We're within a mile of Lake Superior and lots of camping sights so this motor home will be our entertainment and guest house. Some day we may drive to Florida 'cause Sweetie would like to visit his old stomping grounds near Hudson.

In any case, I am still in shock. And what a fantastic birthday gift!


SHARON said...

Good for you. Happy for ya,

Mayberry said...

Congrats! I'm sure y'all will enjoy it. I miss mine already, though I do still have the "escape pod" pop up camper.

SciFiChick said...

I can't wait to see pics! Can I ask what you gave for it? You know how much I love a good deal! I'm frugal ya know!
I'm sure you will get lots of enjoyment from it... and hey... a generator to boot!

Anonymous said...

Yippee....glad you and Sweetie will get to travel to Florida...hope it all works out. Sometimes the gods are just with ya. B.

HermitJim said...

Sounds like you made a good deal, my friend! That's great!

maybe it's a good sign!