Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Valid Question

An aquaintance asked: "I thought you were preppers. People who stockpile everything under the sun. What are you doing spending money on an old Class C?"

My answer: "If things fall apart so badly that we're not able to make our mortgage payment and the Social Security check stops, we'll have a roof over our heads."

Have no doubt we've often thought, "What would we do if..." so spending $2,500 on a mobile shelter seemed prudent. Next week, we've been here a year. In that time we've scouted possible bug out locations, the closest across the road from us, the furthest about two miles away. They all offer us seclusion, water, wood and familiarity. If there's an nuclear event we'd be toast; if there's a forest fire or earthquake we'd travel further. We have two 10-gallon containers of gas with an additive set aside for bugging out. In addition, there are numerous gas cans filled for the tractor, vehicles and emergencies.

Each of us has to survey our own particular circumstances, formulate a plan and begin to work the plan. None of us will ever have everything we think we need or want. But working toward being more prepared is better than doing nothing.

Of course, we hope the SS check continues to flow because it's the only income we have. That's reality, plain and simple. We know it's funded by dwindling contributions as the labor market contracts and Washington spends like drunken gamblers. Maybe someday that will stop too. Who really knows? So poor as we are and PREPPED as we are, we're hedging our bet.

We're surrounded by thousands of acres of vacant private, state and federal land. We're within a mile of Lake Superior, a few hundred feet off an inland lake and have the ability to move our preps to another location, if need be.


Sunfighter said...

A Class C sounds like a prep to me.

I too am concerned about SS. Should it dry up that could lead to a bad period before it all collapsed. In that time frame it could lead to loss of ones home/land. I am sure if SS dries up it will lead to TSHTF, but it still might take sometime.

But that period before could be rough. I am tired of all the "survivalist" sites bad mouthing SS. We paid into it, we deserve it.

Having a backup plan in case SS dries up is just smart thinking. You can bet I have a backup plan.

Mayberry said...

That's a sound investment. The only reason I let my RV go is because I now have two places I can bug out to, and no longer needed it. Before, I was on my own. A place to live, with title in pocket, is never a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

Also, if you have a power outage, you have a place with all the comforts of home. No need to pull out the candles,etc.

BenWann1259 said...

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HermitJim said...

I personally think your plan is a good one, and cannot fault your thinking at all!

You have to do what works for you...IMHO

chinasyndrome said...

Sounds like your friend doesn't get it, that is prepping.Sunfighter is right looks of folks calling it welfare,I don't see it that way.Welfare is folks who didn't pay in (usually) collecting something for nothing.Retirees or disabled folks did pay in their working lives.


MEB said...

I worry about S. S., too. I have paid into for more than 40 years and the government keeps robbing the funds so they can balance the books that never balance. I bought an old RV, too and put a lot of money for repairs into it. It may not look like much, but it makes a good back-up shelter and is fun, too. MEB

Anonymous said...

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