Monday, May 3, 2010

Four Years Ago Today...

My life was blessed by meeting Sweetie! We had communicated via online and the phone for a few weeks when we discovered we were both headed to Walmart. We were driving about the same distance from opposite directions and met in the parking lot. I have to say, at first I wondered what I'd gotten myself into but the minute he smiled any doubt disappeared.

It's been rocky at times and always a financial struggle but we're blessed to have one another!

Today we took my Dad to town with us for a celebratory lunch at our favorite greasy spoon. Afterward we ran a couple errands and came home to discover his trolling motor had been delivered. Now the guys are taking their naps. I may do likewise as my energy is still zapped.

We've had three days of intermittent showers and weather that changes by 40 degrees either way many times a day. Everytime we start a little project, we rush to complete it before the rain starts again. Guess it's nature's way of telling us to take it easy!

Later this week I'll post some pictures of our latest work. I turn 57 this week and Sunday my oldest son is taking us out for Mother's Day. It's great to have the life we do, despite the morons in Washington. Take care, Treesong


WomanWhoRunsWithHorses said...

Congratulations to you and your Sweetie on your anniversary, Treesong!

debbieo said...

Happy Anniversary and happy birthday. Glad you have each other. And dad too.

Mayberry said...

Now that's redneck! "If you met in the Wal Mart parking lot, you might be a redneck" Ha ha! Congrats y'all, and many happy years to come.

Did it MY way said...

So China mart does do some good things.

Happy Anniversary, and Happy Birthday. May you have many more!

God Bless.

See Ya

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday and Happy Mother's Day. Wow, what a week, no wonder you are tired. Maybe a little of you feeling bad is the fluctuation in the weather and trying to get too much done at one time. Glad you guys 'found' each other. B.

HermitJim said...

Sounds like a union that was meant to be!

As far as the age thing...welcome to this neck of the woods!

Anonymous said...

Happy day to you and your sweetie.
Ain't wally world won-er-ful!