Thursday, May 20, 2010

Two Old Bikers Meet

If you've read this blog for any length of time you know I'm the vocal one. Sweetie sits back and watches, offers his opinions and waits for someone to step out of line. He's a man of few words who really doesn't want a physical fight but a man who won't back down if provoked.

So today our neighbor arrived from Texas - the one who tore down the T-posts and white line last fall after helping me repair it the day before.

When he drove past our place Sweetie just smiled and said, "I'll give him a few hours then introduce myself." In the intervening hours we heard lots of noise behind us and hoped it was the sounds of trailers being loaded, etc.

Just before supper we hopped on the golf cart and took a ride. Sweetie drove by his place to "check things out" before turning around at our southwest corner. "Well, it's time to meet the neighbor and get this over," he said. I'm sitting there thinking, "Should I have brought a gun? A camcorder?"

I gotta tell you my former biker man knows what he's doing! He drove into the guy's yard at full speed, slammed on the brake, hopped out and took three huge strides toward the guy. By then the 5'5" former biker neighbor was off his cooler and heading for Sweetie.

They stopped within a foot of one another and Sweetie extended his hand, "Hello, I'm George. Guess it's time we met."

I gotta say the guy was speechless!

From there on out Sweetie had the upper hand. Biker neighbor repeatedly said, "I just got in today but I'm cleaning up." Sweetie just kept nodding his head up and down.

After a few minutes the neighbor said, "You know a lot of this stuff is family stuff every one's dropped off here during the years." Sweetie simply smiled and said, "Guess your family will be out to help you then."

God, I love this guy! I just sat there watching wisdom and power in action. A few minutes later they were discussing Texas onions, fishing and all the chores we all have to do around out places. Finally, Sweetie said, "Well, I'll be around working on the fence and in the woods. See ya later."

Now, I have to say the neighbor was sober; maybe high but sober. So now we wait and see how the evening goes, the weekend goes and the remainder of the summer goes.

On another note, the rich woman who owns the shared waterfront has a caretaker who was up to his usual asinine behavior today. Dad and I were walking down the road when a truck roared up behind us at high speed. I turned, took two steps into the road and raised my hand up and down to signal "slow down!" I then realized who was driving. He immediately veered toward us and flipped us the bird. Good thing I wasn't driving because road rage would have got the best of me.

Once home, I called the rich lady in Sterling Heights. I introduced myself and asked if she'd noticed any strange behavior from her caretaker. "No."

Last fall he accused us of trespassing on her land (which borders ours) and said we had no right to access the private road. This winter he slid on the icy road and rammed into our mailbox. When we saw him at the bank he told the teller, "These people owe me money for the damage to my truck." We ignored his insanity but wound up in line with him at the grocery store. He repeated himself and we said the mailbox didn't hit him; he hit the mailbox! To which he said, "Too bad you weren't standing next to your mailbox when I hit it."

I ended my conversation with the rich lady by saying, "You have the right to hire anyone you please but he's a poor representation of you."

She said she'd talk to him and thanked me for bringing the matter to her attention. Now either she'll follow through and he'll shape up or she'll ignore our concerns. Time will tell.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, thats the way a man should act! husbands a bit that way too...we're lucky aren't we?:)