Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Keeping Busy

Here's Sweetie using his new six foot brush hog. We have about nine acres of underbrush, tree branches and ferns to clean up. All went well today until he realized his tow chain, which he'd left sitting on top of the brush hog, had fallen off - somewhere. We walked the area where he worked today and didn't spot the chain. But, it could be buried under all that lush shredded material now covering the ground! Oh what fun. I'll be back out there tomorrow looking. And to think we were just talking about painting the ends of our chains so they're easier to spot. Murphy's Law in action.

My Dad was gone to town today so we worked outside and skipped lunch. I even washed windows and raked another part of the yard free of pine cones and needles.
It rained three times today and the top of the ground is still wet. Yippee! It is so dry here and I have nightmares about a dropped cigarette butt starting a fire.

Sweetie also fixed the cruise control and horn on our car, after changing the oil. It's up to me to vacuum it. The rain water has washed it. Good enough, says I.

By supper time I was exhausted again so we had grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and canned soup. I have about 18 cases of canned soups on hand for just such a day. To tire to cook from scratch and it's easy to give everyone their own soup variety.

Monday I'll go grocery shopping. The list keeps getting additions and I keep eyeing our storage areas wondering where I'll fit it all. A new resale shop has opened nearby so I've loaded three boxes of stuff to drop off Monday. Gone are the rocking horse and swan hand carved by an artist from Ishpeming; my Dad's collection of classic, blues and country CDs and assorted small things that serve no purpose and collect dust!

Well, Dad just woke up from his late nap. Time to fix him supper. Have a great week folks. Treesong

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HermitJim said...

That area is really starting to look nice where hubby has already done!

Lots of work, but well worth the effort, I think!

making progress, my friend!