Monday, May 31, 2010

Water Witching, TP and Other Provisions

The guy we bought the motor home from has offered to water witch our land for a spring. We'd told him about installing a cedar fence post and hitting water one foot down. I dug deeper and the water was flowing up as fast as I stuck the post hole digger in the ground. The hole became a sloppy mess and the fence post wound up two and a half feet down - for now. When our locates a spring closer to the house we'll install a hand pump and use if for emergencies and watering the garden. Two springs within two miles of here were plugged off by the health department after neighbors complained of people littering in the area. Unfortunate that bad behavior spoils a clean water source for others, especially campers in the area.

On today's cemetery tour we stopped at Walmart. I hate the place but took advantage of some sales and Dad picked out flowers for his girlfriend's grave. Seems hard to believe she's been gone since 1996. On the way to her gravesite we stopped at a yard sale. Can you believe there were packages of TP stacked on a table? The lady running the sale was cleaning out her late mom's little house. Her mom had lived through the Depression and been a pack rat - especially with TP, tinfoil and paper bags. All the tinfoil was gone; few people were interested in paper bags, except to carry other trinkets home; and most of the TP was still there. Fifty cents a 4-roll pack for any variety.

My Dad owns a Ford SUV and you can bet that thing was packed with TP. Dad is still shaking his head. When paying for the stuff I told the woman how surprised to find any TP left. She shook her head and said, "everyone says they don't have room to store it or they only buy a certain brand." She wasn't taking it home because she had flown in from California. Today I spent $16 for 32 four-roll packages!!!!

Next we stopped at a senior high rise so Dad could pick up something from a friend. Lucky thing I entered the building with him. At the entrance we met the younger sister of an acquaintance who was buried Saturday. His sister was there cleaning out his apartment before June 1st. She had a box of groceries in her arm so I held the door and asked if she needed any help.

"Yeah, I need to find someone to take all this food," she said. Four boxes and six bags later I had those in the car too. Poor Dad had to hold three bags on the way home!

This single mom has a son with three children who I would assume the groceries would go to. I also wondered if she offered any to the seniors in the building. When I told Sweetie about this Dad said he'd overheard her telling someone that her holiday weekend had been "spoiled by a funeral and moving her brother's stuff."

Her brother was a lifelong bachelor who seems to have favored a limited diet. I have enough ketsup, mustard, canned potatoes, baked beans, oatmeal, syrup, Dinty Moore beef stew, saltine crackers, sardines, tuna fish and various soups to last a couple years.

Nearly everything I picked up today is still in his car so I'd best get busy! Have a great Memorial Day. Treesong


WomanWhoRunsWithHorses said...

A spring-fed backup well for emergencies and the garden sounds great. Seems like you've made a friend of the guy you bought the RV from ...a got a great deal on the RV too. People who turn their nose up at bargain TP and free food are the first ones who will panic if sh*t in their little world. Silly people.

Stephanie said...

What a great score you made! Bravo!!

Anonymous said...

That makes me think of the puzzle you and your dad put together back a while was an idealic farmstead could just imagine where everything was and the spring was one of the things to be imagined where it was.
Good for you getting your deals this weekend. I think your dadis really enjoying himself being with you and doing these things. Guess one of the apples didn't fall far from the tree anyway. :) B.

marcy said...

What a score!!!...but one has to marvel at her short sightedness..can't you just imagine the conversation she has with herself when TSHTF...

Did it MY way said...

Great finds.The property I had in Michigan had a spring. Best drinking water I ever tasted. Lucky you.

See Ya.

debbieo said...

Reading your toilet paper story reminded me of a joke I heard once. It went something like, why do they package toilet paper in single rolls? Are the people buying it trying to quit? Cracked me up.
You did good, all of us preppers love stories like this. I bought 2 12 packs of tp and 2 8 packs of paper towels and some folks looked at me like we were crazy. 24 rolls sure wouldnt last long so I dont understand folks.
My motto is, buy on sale and buy enough so that you never, never, never have to pay full price. To me this is just good sense.
take care.