Friday, May 28, 2010

Skin Cancer, Projects and Time Out

We returned home last night from Sweetie's dermatology appointment in DePere, WI. While there, he showed the doctor a new spot on his arm and soon a dime sized chunk was removed for biopsy. Next week we'll here if it's melanoma. The poor man's face looks like he's been in another bar room brawl but the clinic's lab report claims they "got it all."

We'd checked out of our motel at 7 a.m. and his appointment was for 7:50. I spent four hours in the clinic's waiting room, occasionally being called into the procedure room. Afterward we had to fill a prescription and headed for home. Two miles down the expressway Sweetie looked at the gas gauge and said WTF? Our fuel light had come on. Sometime while parked next to the front door of the motel a half tank of gas was siphoned. One week ago while in Marquette, he replaced the damaged locking gas cap with a spare regular gas cap we carry in the trunk. Lesson learned: keep a spare locking gas cap in each vehicle.

Today he's picking up lumber for our remodeling project and I'm cleaning house. Dad was hear for nearly two days alone. Thankfully everything went well and the cats and dog kept him company. No one in the family bothered to come by and check on him or call. Surprise, surprise.

Weather permitting we'll work on projects all weekend. Monday Dad and I are touring family and friends' graves. Sweetie wants to stay home alone. It's the anniversary of his youngest son's death in a Memorial Day car wreck.

The neighbor who decorated our fence is slowly tearing the addition to his shed off the backside. Sweetie says we'll stop by next week with fence posts and install a few to "encourage" him to continue picking up the mess. The man's grandson has been in trouble yet again and been bailed out of jail. He's a walking powder keg so we're crossing our fingers that there won't be any trouble here this holiday weekend.

We toured lots of side roads on our way to DePere. Some beautiful country and well kept farms and all I could think of was: I wonder how far in debt they are and could anyone but a corporation afford to buy one today?

Well, Dad just got up so I'll fix him breakfast. Have a great weekend. Treesong


HermitJim said...

Glad to hear that things are going fairly good for you. Let's just hope that all the skin test come back good!

Nothing like some good ol' projects around the home place to keep you busy, right?

Stephanie said...

Praying the skin tests come out ok, and the neighbor at the fence line stops being a jerk. I lived next to a person like that, and know how much fun it is NOT.

Sixbears said...

Hope the medical tests come back good.

I don't have locking gas caps. It would amuse me if someone siphoned from my waste vegetable oil tank. Don't think they'd get too far on it in an unmodified vehicle. The oil is even pretty dirty as I've an on-board filtration system that cleans it while I drive.

At least they didn't drill out the bottom of your tank. That does happen to people with locking gas caps sometimes.