Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our Fence Is Decorated

Like I said Thursday, "we'll see how the weekend goes..."

Today we took my two youngest grandkids out for a ride on the golf cart. As we rounded the corner on the private road behind us my 5 year old grandson said, "Wow, Grandma, look at all that stuff on that fence!"

Elk, deer and antelope skulls now decorate each cedar fence post. Tied between each post are Budweiser and Harley banners. At the beginning of the private road that runs between his place - and gives us legal access to our land - are two signs: "Closed for Business" and "Enter at Your Own Risk."

The man has always used this portion of the road as his driveway. Knowing the battle we'd have over him moving his crap off our land, we decided to install a gate at another location.

So despite being told the fence was well within OUR land, was paid for and installed by us and is PRIVATE PROPERTY, this ass is gonna push were he can push.

We'll think on this a few days and see if he gets the remainder of his crap off our land. Like I said, "we'll see how the weekend goes..."


HermitJim said...

This guy just won't quit, will he? Sounds to me like a little payback is due!

Stephanie said...

Ughhh, I have been there with a nasty neighbor :( Wishing you good luck.

treesong said...

Thanks for stopping by Stephanie and Hermit!

For now, we'll leave him to his decorating. When he leaves in the fall either a 12 foot high privacy fence will surround him. If they're stupid enough to say anything to us - as is bound to happen when they're drunk - we'll call the Sheriff Department and file a trespassing complaint.

Simply put he and his son and grandson are childish ass holes.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how some people chose to waste their life.

We had a bad neighbor simular to yours for the first couple of years we lived in our house. He and his wife were drunks, his kids were a pain in the a** and he was always causing problems.

My wife and I just tuffed it out and prayed.

They finally moved out, the folks that moved in were good people and we are all still here 30 years later.

Hang in there.