Friday, May 14, 2010

We Still Have Room!

I spent about three hours today cleaning the rig. Ever since I've been loading it and there's still empty cupboards!

If I got rid of my paintings and photographs, our furniture and about half our clothes we could live in the RV full time. Hmmmm...

We would need a garage for Sweetie's tools and our gardening supplies but otherwise the open road is sure calling my name.

The guy that bought the acetylene torches called and wants to pick them up. Wouldn't you know that a certain mechanic can't find the gauges! Grrrrrrrrrrr....

I think he needs to downsize his collection of "stuff" in the pole barn. That would generate some cash, believe me!

Well, it's actually warmed up this evening so I'll do a bit more work before collapsing on the sofa. Later, Treesong


2 Tramps said...

Oh, yeah, I understand about not finding things easily. Today the guys working on our pond needed to use a butane torch. I had to dig through Tramp 1's pile to find it... and I left the mess of my digging for him to clean up when he gets home from work. His shoulder is healing well since surgery so I am not cutting him much slack anymore!

treesong said...

Thanks 2 Tramps and all the rest of you for your recent comments.

If I ever figure out what the heck I did to Finepix I will post some photos. Right now I am singly focused on getting the motorhome ready to roll. I have NO patience for figuring out how I messed up Finepix, though I did it once before. I even messed up opening our bank statement today and said, "Not now" and left it to Sweetie to figure out.

I'm looking forward to starry nights, campfires, NO television and no neighbors! Thanks again, Treesong