Thursday, May 13, 2010

One Step Forward And Then Another

We often feel we take one step forward and two backward but lately it's been one step in front of the other! Help and resources come from unexpected places which makes life all the more interesting.

We've wanted a UTV but of course the prices - even for used vehicles - were outrageous. A golf cart was another option but they too were always out of reach - until I checked Craigslist three nights ago. A 1992 Yamaha golf cart and trailer were listed for $1,500. I kept thinking it was a misprint but emailed the owners anyway. It took 12 hours to hear back from them and another 24 hours to pick it up. And it all happened because I had an old vase valued at $600 sitting in our closet and my Dad spoke up and said, "I think I'll contribute to the cause." What a blessing to find a deal when the money has dried up and the funds come in unexpectedly. It re-affirms my belief that when you're on the right path things work out.

Even better, the people we bought the motor home from came out for a visit Tuesday. Of course the guys got to wandering through the pole barn. By the time they left some bartering had knocked $400 off the price of the Class C and Sweetie drove it home last night. I just love looking at our vacation/bug out vehicle in the yard!!! Today he's doing routine maintenance and I'll clean the inside.

We've decided to make our first RV trip June 7th, weather permitting. We'll stay at a campground two miles from here and take a day trip further up the Lake Superior coast. With the golf cart in tow we'll have transportation home if we have any mechanical issues.

In other news, the neighbor behind us, who removed the fence poles last year and whose outbuilding is half on our land, has arrived from Texas. Last week his son moved the two boats off our land, after a drunken tirade about us putting up "pig fence that looks horrible." Couldn't help think our 'pig fence' was an appropriate choice to keep the neighborhood pigs from littering on our land!

It's just started raining here and the temp has dropped about 8 degrees. I think it's a good day for homemade soup. Keep prepping and enjoy the day, Treesong

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