Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Neighborhood's A Changing

We've been told "It's all your fault!" The neighborhood's changing!

Just imagine. Two old "city slickers" (NOT!) moved in last year; cleaned up their property; put up THE FENCE; pick up litter on the road; don't drink, steal or destroy private property and our actions have caused other people's lives to "go to Hell!"

Strange way of looking at the situation, if you ask me. When grumbling drunks can't see beyond their next drink I guess blaming us seems logical.

Here's a brief list of the "changes" we've inspired:

Pontoon boat guy (whose junk was on our land) has kicked his girlfriend out and stopped drinking. Several neighbors are upset by the latter because he was the main entertainment at their parties. A few saner neighbors are concerned because the last time he quit drinking he went off his meds too and the swat team removed him and his guns from his home. Time will tell.

A waterfront summer resident has cut down every tree on her three lots to make way for a mound septic system. The neighbors behind her aren't pleased because her trees provided their shade. She also claimed ALL of her lakefront because that's the only area where her well can be drilled. This means 200 feet of the road across the beach area must be moved closer to the water. When that occurs the party goers will have less room to spread their returnables, bonfires and picnic tables.

The elderly neighbor at the beginning of our south line asked where we got the cedar fence posts. He's buying two lots to the east of him which stretch out to the main road and fencing his east and west sides! Our fenced south line is his north line.

The "you can't walk on these roads" yapper - who's the grandson of the man behind us - is in jail again for destroying private property. His grandpa (who removed our fence and line last year) received the registered letter from the township which said he had to move his stuff from our land. Grandpa's still in Texas so his son begrudgingly moved everything of value. Surprise, surprise, the garbage has been left for us to pick up. The son says we're stupid people who installed a "pig fence." So what's wrong with fencing pigs out?

Word has filtered through the neighborhood that our three acres across the road is for sale. The troublesome neighbors behind us - Pontoon guy and fence destroyer guy - are pissed. "We offered to buy land and lots from you next to us and you're selling across the street!!!"

That's right. Why "sell" to morons who want to "use the land until they get the money for it" and have them and their junk closer to us????

Strange the way some people think.


HermitJim said...

Looks like you and I have some very closely kin folks as neighbors!

At least you made things happen, right? Let's only hope that some of it is for the better!

Selous Scout said...

Heh heh! You guys rock!

SciFiChick said...

Well you know my thoughts on it right? Screw 'em!

WomanWhoRunsWithHorses said...

Sounds like the neighborhood is IMPROVING ...and you guys are the ring leaders in that little caper!