Friday, February 27, 2009

Grease Monkeys

Forgot to mention that the new "used" engine for the truck arrived when Sweetie's brother came for their mom's funeral. Thankfully, Sweetie still has use of the pole barn (actually 1/4 interest in it now!) and today was spent hoisting the engine into its new home.

I admit there are times when I moan about all his tools, parts and "junk" strewn here and there but, by golly they got put to use yesterday and today! And, among all the things he was given for cleaning out a garage, the propane heater came in handy. It is -6 degrees here with -15 forecast for tonight. Brrrr............

So someday next week we should have wheels again! Yippee!!!

In other news, my son bought another fixer-upper for $1,200. Three bedrooms, one bath, glassed in front porch, village lot that backs up to DNR property, and lots of beautiful woodwork.

Sweetie's mom's house will be shown to a prospective buyer Saturday. Maybe this financial log jam we're in will have a little movement.

Well, not much else to share. I'm aching and grimy and look like I've been mopping black grease off the floor. Time for a soak! Treesong


SciFiChick said...

One thing you have to admit (or I did) they sure come in handy when somethings broken! My DH is .... uh..."into" tools. I learned a long time ago that this had to be looked at as a good thing Or it could possibly drive you insane as you make your way to the shed for feed and trip over the " Fill in the Blank"

treesong said...

Oh, do I hear you!

I have learned to ignore the wrenches stashed in a bowl beneath "his" end table next to his recliner, the box of cables and wires and other "stuff" sitting on a shelf in our pantry, and box of assorted sockets, wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers and God Know What Else, that spilled on his shed floor two years ago!

But, I love him! Treesong

Mayberry said...

HA! Never bemoan a man and his tools/stuff!!! Heh heh heh. I've probably saved enough on paying labor to pay for my tools and my workshop 10 times over....

treesong said...


I know, I know, LOL. Wish he'd adopt the same attitude regarding my antique yellowware bowls and my books. Believe me, they have all come in handy, cost me very little, and when sold, have made much needed cash. Treesong

HermitJim said...

Tools are better than golf clubs, I'm thinking!

In fact, good tools and fishing poles are a necessity in life! IMHO, that is!

Bustednuckles said...

Heh heh heh, Justification!

Believe me, I know. I have more crap scattered around than I would actually care to see assembled in one spot, ever, and have spent over a hundred grand during my lifetime on , tools.
I don't still have many of them but I can honestly say that at one time or another, I could have opened a complete repair facility, twice.

I think it is downright gracious that you give the man props when props are due and if you would like, I could try and explain to him the value of your own collections.
Ya don't eat well off of the floor and Yellow ware is pretty sturdy stuff.
Kitchen ware that is sturdy?
I would classify that as a tool in a heartbeat.

Glad to see thinks are looking up for ya.


treesong said...


Thanks for the moral support. Yer a man after my own heart if you have an appreciation of Yellowware!

Now, someone explain to me why my blog gets attention when I title it "Grease Money" and talk about tools!