Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Regarding the Comments to My Previous Post

While I appreciate the comments to my previous post, perhaps I should clarify some of what I said.

The relatives were hear from the Detroit area to see Grandma who is dying. NOT a one of them can stand being here and they had to pool their resources for gas to get here. They're all home now - except for Sweetie's son - who's soon moving to leach off his mother because she "has all the amenities". Fine, we say.

I highly doubt a single relative of Sweetie's would come back here in SHTF because they view this area as a vacant form of HEll.

In addition, we plan to be up north sometime this year. If for some reason we're not we are well stocked in guns and ammo and they all know that too!

There are things I haven't said about Sweetie in this blog. One is he is a slightly reformed bad boy biker. He would NOT hesitate to protect us and his middle name is Stealth, if you get my drift.

These people are truly delusional blood suckers but, they'll only try to take advantage of us if they're here. Believe me, most of them - if any - will never make it out of Detroit when the SHTF.

In the meantime, we continue to prep and hope we find a buyer.

Also, we have a garage in the UP that is totally stocked too. Just in case we had to leave here and it was doubtful we could return. Again, we've kept this very low profile - not even my children know of it - and we've stocked it every time we've gone north.

And, as usual, we're the poor people who have prepared for hard times; not the working stiffs who continue to accumulate debt and gadgets and complain about how tough it's getting to maintain the status quo.


Bustednuckles said...

Heh, get 'em!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Admiration from this ol' bird. That and a dose of sweetie's stealth will just about cover it all...

Mayberry said...

In the wind brother! Heh heh, guess that in it's self should add an element of security for y'all. Sheeple are scared to death of bikers..... Me, I love 'em. Had a Bandido for a neighbor once. Nothing ever got stolen or messed with on our block... And he was a great guy.

HermitJim said...

As it is often said..."all is fair in love and war" and this ain't love!!

Good for you and good for Mr. Sweetie...(notice I said MR.?)