Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Of Deodorant, Walking and Dependency

Have you ever wondered how much is left in the push-up tubes of solid deodorant? Well, you know me, my inquisitive mind had to know! So, I pulled the remainder out of the tube and discovered I had 1-1/2" of deodorant left!! It comes out of the tube on a small cylinder with a plastic tray holding the product. I just turned the whole thing over and sat the deodorant in the lid. The cylinder works as an applicator and the lid keeps the product from gathering dust. Works for me!

It's raining here today so I'm not out walking but I have been stretching in preparation. Now, if the ol' MS will stay away awhile, I may eventually make the four mile hike around our block. That's the goal anyway. Time will tell.

I was out walking after a late supper last night and two people offered me a ride. Guess the word has passed that the truck's down. Or maybe it was because I was carrying a plastic bag. This is the prime time of year to pick up returnable cans. There are about 20 hunting camps on the two track past us and all winter long their owners and visitors litter the roadside. Yesterday's haul was $3.70. When more snow melts there will be more to pick up. I have no vanity and no shame and will gladly pick them up.

Being without a working vehicle has led me to consider what life without motorized transportation would be like. That horse drawn wagon I could have bought last summer for $300 would have been a deal. Of course, then we'd need the horse or mule - and all the care that goes with them!

If we lived in town we'd have easy access to the doctor, hospital, library and the grocery store. We wouldn't pay for vehicle insurance, repairs and gas. However, we'd have houses within 20 feet of a window, noise, more crime, less privacy and higher utility bills. No matter how I figure it, the thought of town living makes me sick.

Last night we talked about our quandary and decided that once the truck's repaired, we need to acquire an alternate means of transportation. I've stressed the need to have back ups and all the while we were without a second vehicle! Just goes to show, somewhere there's always a hole!

Up for consideration are: a used dune buggy, used motorcycles or scooters, power assist bicycles, or an old beater car like I used to have. There are pros and cons to each and of course the money needed to acquire one. I called my youngest son and asked him to keep an eye out for a used vehicle so we'll see what develops. Problem is, he's about 400 miles north of us but, he often picks up cars for as little as $100 - which is what the 1997 Oldsmobile cost. I drove it for three years and sold it for $425.

After reading all the doom and gloom on the web and watching the news, I'm left wondering how many more people will be without automobiles as the economy crumbles.

Probably a lot.

Can you even begin to imagine this country without motorized transportation? If we lost even a quarter of it life would be VERY different for nearly everyone. Scary thought!

Finally, a big thanks to a couple people who hit the donate button. Wasn't expecting anything but sure appreciate it.

Well, onward and upward, hopefully! Treesong


Mayberry said...

A beater might be a worthwhile investment for the time being... In your location, with inclement weather, I reckon a motorcycle or scooter would only be useable 6 months out of the year, and cost as much as a beater car. I dunno, it's a personal choice....

I get deoderant with clear tubes so I can see what's left!

HermitJim said...

Hey, I'm glad to see that you are able to move around a bit. Walking a bit can really make you feel a lot better, I'll bet.

Stay with it, my friend!

treesong said...

Thanks Mayberry and Hermit.

I am just too stubborn to not try to walk! And too bloody obsessive to ignore little things like an inch and a half left in the deodorant container!

Bustednuckles said...

Still cold as hell there.
Look up the local tow yards in your area .
They have auctions for towed vehicles that are sold for as little as the price of scrap steel, even less. Go find one of these auctions, register to bid at no cost and look for ones that are marked "runs and drives".

Get ya a cheap beater.

An old friend of mine has a saying,
"Rubber wheels beat rubber heels, every time".

That is how I got my last trailer, yes, they sell those dirt cheap because they can't scrap those out, ya have to gut them out and they are a lazy as the rest of us, they just want to get rid of them.
My .02.

Good luck.