Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One Step Forward, Three Steps Backward

We awoke this morning to a call from Sweetie's sister. His mother seemed on her last breath.

He told her we still have no transportation and, of course, the witch gave him a lecture. And, of course, he hung up on her.

Guess it didn't occur to her to send one of the 11 people in the house over here to pick him up. He called a neighbor and asked if they could drive him and they arrived 15 minutes later. I stayed behind, waiting for a call from a potential buyer of our backhoe. He never showed.

Sweetie was gone about three hours and I hear nothing from him. A mind can get to imagining all sorts of things, so I tried to keep busy. About an hour ago, a strange car comes down the drive. An 18-year-old niece delivered Sweetie to our doorstep.

His mother is still hanging on but he was ready to come home. Too many people; too many distractions, he said. He's said his goodbye and now he waits.

The niece complained to him about the condition of our drive. Duh!!! Spring breakup is in full force today. It's 55 degrees, the wind is howling and the snow melt has turned the drive into a stream. We don't live on a hill where every inch of the lawn and drive runs downhill from the front porch like the niece's home. Get over it lady!

Then we get another call about the backhoe. Guy gets directions and we get his cell phone number. And we wait. About 10 minutes ago we get a call.

He's just gone to the bank and discovered his account's been cleaned out! "Probably my wife who finally left the house last night" he says. And we think we're having a rough time!

Sweetie said he didn't know if he should laugh or cry at the way things are going today. "Guy's wife has left him and he's thinking about a backhoe," he says.

"And she probably realized he'd be thinking about a backhoe this morning and beat him to the bank," I said.

So here we sit, still thankful we have one another. Still thankful we have a paid for roof over our head. Still thankful we have a huge supply of groceries and household supplies.

Nothing more to do today except maybe cut a little firewood. We'll see. It's hard waiting for something to break as far as finances go. It's hard too, waiting for a loved one to die.


HermitJim said...

Dealing with family is never easy. My heart goes out to you and DH , awaiting news about his mother.

I can only hope she has a peaceful passing. My thoughts are with you...

Mayberry said...

Mine too. At least you got sweetie.....

Stephanie in AR said...

I'm glad that your Sweetie had a chance to say farewell to his mother. Goodbyes are never easy.