Friday, February 6, 2009

Wasted Time; Wasted Talent - A RANT

Sweetie's son called here today and told his father about his new digs. As expected, he's already critical. "Can you believe they don't have a computer here?" he said. And, "Everyone stays in their rooms most of the day and night. Won't be much conversation here!"

Sweetie had told him he was moving in with three people who have a long-established routine. But, of course, this fell on deaf ears.

His son has moved in with his 60 year-old mother and her two brothers. One brother is about 400# and mostly bedridden; the other brother is in his mid 50's and recently out of work. His mother's job has been cut from 7-days a week to four days a week. She and another brother own the 4-bedroom, 2 bath ranch in a tiny town with no grocery and the party store closed last year. There is a gas station and grain elevator, post office, and a school. Yippee! This ought to excite his son no end after a week - or less.

So then he mentions the food. "The fridge is full of TV dinners, booze, pop and bologna, bread and mustard and ketsup." According to him, breakfast is either cereal, prepackaged sausage gravy over canned biscuits or toast, or oatmeal.

I'd be sick of the menu in a week.

So about an hour ago he calls back. Told him his Dad was napping so he unloads on me. Wrong thing to do.

I listened for awhile and then cut him off. "Do you realize that, for the most part, everyone in this world lives their lives the way they see fit. They have their habits and quirks and likes and dislikes and that's just human nature."

He does the classic, "Well, if they'd just consider for a moment..." To which I said, "Maybe you ought to take your own advice." To which he said, "Well, I'll call back later and talk to my DAD!!

This 43-year-old, self centered, techno nerd is staying in their home; eating their food; being kept warm by the heat they pay for; and watching satellite TV courtesy of them.

He contributes absolutely nothing but criticism to the mix. He has no money, no income and no concept of reality.

He had a leg amputated about a year ago and applied for SS disability. No SS checks yet so he's resorted to playing the "poor me" sympathy card.

They guy's a computer whiz who could, if he applied himself, be swamped with calls for computer repair and programming work.

He's earned a few bucks doing this - but only sporadically when he wants to buy another computer game, DVD or cigarettes.

Some people!


HermitJim said...

I have one of those in my family...and it's my son. Offered to give them a piece of land to build on, but he said..."Who want's to live there...there's nothing there at all?"

Guess thaqt means they will be leaving me alone...

d.a. said...

At first I though you were talking about a late-teen or early-twenty-something young man... whoa! Talk about arrested development!

MeadowLark said...

We definitely have a lot of those in the world - What have you done for me lately?

But until someone throws them to the wolves, they'll continue.

Sad though.