Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm High!!!!

I've been on a high all day - walking around singing "Ain't gonna take your crap no more, no more. No, ain't gonna take your crap no more, no more."

Good thing too 'cause the fan blades have been turning overtime lately.

Here's a few examples:

We get a call from Sweetie's son. Won't bore you with the details but he got a brief, one word answer, "NO." Like most adolescent people, he asked, "Why not?" I didn't respond. He asked if his dad was here so I hand the phone to him. Sweetie says, "Hello Son, the answer is no," and then hung up.

The Bitch Sister's son-in-law shows up. We're still in shock that he ventured onto our property but, his mother-in-law is beside herself with disgust and shame at our "terrible behavior" and determined to get an apology out of us!!! An apology? Look in the mirror!!!!

I let the guy in the back door and led him down the hall to the living room where Sweetie sat in his throne - er recliner. The son-in-law says, "I'm here to talk to you because your sister demands an apology." Sweetie says, "There's the door. Use it." I opened the front door next to Sweetie's throne - er recliner - and our visitor made a hasty exit.

Gee, maybe we're emitting threatening energy waves or we turn green and our eyeballs bulge when we encounter such stupidity! Whatever the case, no blows were exchanged though I'm sure the message was clear. Dah, Dah. I can here that stanza in my head again - "we ain't gonna take your crap no more..."

Next, we're basking in our latest victories and enjoying grilled cheese sandwiches when the neighbor calls. "I thought over your behavior the other day and wanted to warn you I've filed a complaint with the police."

Now get this. On Sunday, Sweetie drove the backhoe/loader next door to his mom's vacant house. As he pulls in the yard, he spies the neighbor in her woods running a chainsaw, bent over a downed dead tree, poised to de-limb it!!! The tree lays near her driveway and at least 50 feet within her property line!!!!

The neighbor is a retired cop but, thievery is an equal opportunity occupation. Anyway, Sweetie hops off the backhoe and asks what he's doing. The ex-cop says, "Well, I was gonna cut this up for firewood." Sweetie says, "Oh, I don't recall asking you to cut firewood for me . But, if you want, I'll park the backhoe here and you can throw the wood into the loader. When you're done, I'll drive it home!"

Sweetie says the look on the guy's face was priceless. Just priceless! The cop says nothing to Sweetie and walks next door to his place. Sweetie's gaze follows him until he notices something peculiar about the guy's mail box. An old milk can - from the very same woods where the tree lays - now holds the neighbor's mailbox post!!!

By then my ex-biker, Irish blooded, long gray bearded, slightly red headed brute had reached his limit. He drives the backhoe next door to the ex-cop's yard and does a few wheelies. Of course, the cop comes outside and asks, "What the hell...." After a few choice words to the cop, Sweetie comes home and yells, "where's that damn can of orange spray paint!"

He was soooo beet red, and sooooo angry, I didn't say a thing; just very quietly and very carefully handed him the spray paint.

A while later he returns, stomps in the door, and says, "Well, my last name is on the milk can supporting the neighbor's mailbox post! God damn city slickers!!!"

I dunno, is it cabin fever, a Vitamin D deficiency from lack of sunlight, or lack of green garden veggies that causes such strange behaviors? Are people so wrapped up in petty, trivial bull that they have no reasoning ability left in their gray matter? I really don't have the answer but, these people are multiplying day by day.

We're just "too independent" and "strange" we're told. Your damn right, we are!

We're sick and tired of being picked on, taken advantage of, ignored and belittled. And by golly, we "ain't gonna take your crap no more, no more. No, we ain't gonna take your crap no more, no more. NO MORE!"


Stephanie in AR said...

Good for you!

Is it sung to the tune of "aint gonna rain no more"?

treesong said...

Hey Stephanie! If only it would rain - for 40 days and 40 night and wash the crap away! Thanks for stopping by, Treesong

Mayberry said...

Give 'em hell Tree! And if I was Sweetie, I'd have put that backhoe to use on that mailbox.... Cop or no cop....

FarmerMechanic said...

Treesong I think I like you and Sweetie.. My kind of people. Stand your ground!

ConfessionsOfAnOverworkedMom said...

Good for standing up for yourself. People will take advantage of you if you let them!