Saturday, February 21, 2009

Please Bear With Me!

There are many times in life when people act like complete asses.

One of those times is when The Bitch attempts once again to micromanage her siblings.

We were just called with a "suggestion" from her.

"Please show up at the the funeral home at 2 p.m. for the family viewing," she said. "And, it would be nice if you could figure out how to dress appropriately."

Well, Dear Bitch, we may be poor; we may be living in sin in your eyes; we may be living in a "trailer" but, we do know how to dress for a funeral.

Believe me, after Sweetie threw the phone in my direction, I gave myself a split lip while I tried to compose the appropriate response!!!

"We bought George a suit just for this occasion, Kay. So don't get your nose stuck between your cheeks when you bend over to smell your ass!"

Well, that got her panties in a twist. She called her older brother - who is staying next door at their mother's house - and requested that I not attend the visitation or funeral.

This got Sweetie upset again so he called her.
"Open your mouth one more time about any of us, ANY of us, and I will place you in your own coffin while we're at the funeral home!"

I'm so proud of him. So proud.

I know this rant has little to do with prepping - other than keeping the right attitude and standing up for yourself!

Thanks again ya'll, Treesong


Mayberry said...

Yes it is standin' up for yourselves! Bravo Tree, don't take no crap from anyone....

Bustednuckles said...

My sincerest condolences on the loss of your loved one.
I do believe it is not my place to say any thing else and I sincerely hope you all find peace.

ConfessionsOfAnOverworkedMom said...
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HermitJim said...

Sorry for your loss, Treesong. Truly I am...