Thursday, February 5, 2009


I can already hear the quiet....

Sweetie's son is being picked up by his mother this afternoon. Answered prayer!

Guess I just don't do well around other people's dramas. 'Course it's never far away 'cause Sweetie's sister is five miles away. He sees her every day now in order to visit his mother. Today was my first visit there...I really didn't want to go but he insisted and we were on our way to town anyway.

I'm sure the bitch has fumigated the place and asked the Catholic priest to come over and exorcise the evil spirits I left behind! Ha, ha.

Fortunately, Sweeties mom was lucid and made a point of saying in front of her daughter: "I'm sooooooooooo glad to see you!"

We went grocery shopping again, this time at Save-A-Lot 'cause got there yet this month with company and all.

MORE price increases! I buy ONE bag of frozen broccoli a month. ONE!! And since last month it had gone up by 30 cents. There were a few great buys so I adjusted my shopping list but still, the same amount of money bought a lot less than last trip.

Next, we stopped at Dollar General. MORE price increases. While waiting in line we gossiped with a gal who used to be a home companion for Sweetie's mom. She's been out of work for over a year; her husband's welding business has lost 48% of its customers; and they have two adult children and their families living with them. Same old story: kids lost their jobs and homes.

One thing this "recession" has done is bring families back together! Who knows, maybe society will witness a great American family healing. One can always hope!

I told Sweetie I mentioned what a bad biker guy he used to be. He said, "I hope you didn't go into too much detail. You never know who's reading those blogs."

I knew he had been a bad ass. Just didn't know how bad!!! Let's just say he's proof that people can change!

Well, Sweetie's son is pacing the floor, anxious to be picked up. While we were shopping he surfed all four of our TV channels. Ever since we came home we've heard about how "abnormal" we are and how he can't wait to get back to "civilization and amenities."

Don't let the door hit you in the ass buddy.


Mayberry said...

Sheesh... Ain't families fun? Ha ha. Wish I could get the wife to read this post. Prolly wouldn't make any difference with her though....

HermitJim said...

Sometimes ther is a LOT to be said for being a Hermit!

Family just accepts that the Uncle Hermit is a little strange, and leaves me alone!!

Enjoy the peace and quiet!