Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tick, tick, tick...

According to Reuters, "The global economic crisis has become the biggest near-term U.S. security concern, sowing instability in a quarter of the world's countries and threatening destructive trade wars, U.S. intelligence agencies reported on Thursday."

And this can only get worse. Why?

First, we're still the hogs of the world, consuming more resources than any country on earth. And we're still so spoiled - though heavily indebted - that many of us will still be demanding the necessities of life. By necessities I mean flat screen TVs, Ipods, cell phones, the daily Starbucks, a shower and shave every day, three meals and plenty of snacks every day - most of which is take-out, pre-packaged, microwaveable crap because "I'm too busy" or "It's so easy..." Truth be told, a whole generation coming up now doesn't know how to cook, let alone read the directions on Easy Mac.

Second, or maybe first, hungry/unemployed/disillusioned people are dangerous people.

Third, the continuing publicity of the government/Fed's desperate attempts to prop up the Ponzi scheme has eroded confidence and frustrated the masses. Millions of people, who've lost their version of the American Dream, have no tolerance for jet-setting, bonus heavy moguls who refuse to answer simple questions.

Fourth, overpopulation, coupled with dwindling resources or the means to extract/move/produce them, is a time bomb.

Tick, tick, tick...

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