Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Standing In Line

I admit to having some strange thoughts. Like early this morning when I hopped a ride to town and stood in line at the grocery store where ONE checkout person was on duty. Seems two people called in sick and their replacements hadn't arrived yet.

You know how people get standing in line - impatient and frustrated, for the most part. I was fifth in line.

My morning entertainment went something like this:

"You'd think they'd get another checkout gal here." (Guy #2 in line)

"They have a couple coming in to replace the ones that called in." (Gal #3 in line)

"Well, I ain't standing around all day waiting for a couple bimbos who don't want to work." (Guy #6 - behind me - who leaves his cart and walks out!)

"Guess he thought he had something more important to do." (Gal #4, in front of me)

"Can't imagine that he does; he's out of work and out of unemployment." (Guy #7, who apparently knew Guy #6)

The checkout gal is out of nickles and calls the manager. He shows up with her change, sees the people in line - who now number about 12 - and returns to his office.

My ride comes into the store to check on my progress. "Oh, guess it'll be awhile; I'll go gas up."

Guy #7 is getting antsy so I suggest we trade places. "Are you crazy?" Gal #4. "No, just thankful this isn't a FEMA camp line and I'm starving."

"What the hell's a FEMA camp line?" asks Guy #7, who now steps ahead of me - with his 12 pack of beer and some lunch meat.

"It's a place where unprepared, homeless, unemployed people will wind up if they don't wise up."

A few people laugh and a few snicker.

Gal #4 is now checked out and Guy #7 - which would have been me - tells the clerk, "Well, I'm going home to a see if there's news on the TV about these FEMA camps." She smiles and says, "Google it."

I came home with six jars of Miracle Whip (on sale for $2.50 each) and told Sweetie about standing in line.

He says, "You're really getting vocal, Dear. Thank God you don't know anyone here 'cause they'd be calling me to have you committed." wouldn't be to a FEMA camp!


vlad said...

Your remarks remind me of Patricia Neill's Red List Blue List Blues.

HermitJim said...

Treesong, you made me laugh when I pictured the look on this guys facer! Clueless just about says it all...

Thanks for the entertainment today, girl!

An Unsheltered Life said...

Hopefully you'll get some people to start thinking with your comments. It would be nice to have a few more prepared types when the world finally goes completely berserk. :)

MeadowLark said...

Thanks for helping one.more.person become at least a tiny bit aware.

I suppose it's the biggest call that we have right now.