Saturday, November 1, 2008

One Day Closer

Yeah, I know, you were thinking I'm referring to the election. A blip on the radar screen is how I've come to view it. Regardless of who's elected, the economy will continue to tank and the ponzi schemes will become more convoluted.

But, we're one day closer to heading north. Ya-hoooooooooo! Will be great to see the family and spend time with my Dad. Tried to talk to him last night but he wasn't sure who I was. Damn! I hate seeing him deteriorate.

I've been packing today. Have a box of goodies for the grandkids, an old cooler filled with a couple pots, lasagna pan, and other things Dad's kitchen doesn't contain. When I'm home, if my favorite sausage maker has any leftovers that cooler's coming back packed!

While home Dad and I will play Cribbage and once again I'll get my butt whipped. No matter where his mind wanders he seems to retain his Cribbage game. Thus far in the YEARS that we've played, I've won six games! Last time I visited I even brought my birds-eye maple round cribbage board, thinking that would distract him a bit. Huh! We went around the board faster. Oh well, it's great memories.

Fox TV is running an ad encouraging people to "add a row" to their gardens next spring and give the extra to the local food pantry. Great concept and one that could be expanded to say, "add a row to your lawn, to your flower bed." In other words, tear up the lawn and plant food and herbs. And fill those empty lots with community gardens. You folks are gonna need them.

Got a flyer from an anonymous group in our township reminding us of the importance of voting Tuesday. Our township is known for the bickering between township officers (and sometimes residents)and is noted for the township treasurer resigning before the term expires. The flyer said "there's a lot of backstabbing and outright lies making the rounds" and "it's time to vote the truth." Of course no mention was made of what the "lies" are or what the "truth" is. So just to entertain myself, I called three candidates (all running for different offices) and asked each if I could just vote by being a write in. Good Lord! They spit and spewed and stuttered and asked (among other things) "Is this a crank call?"

Ahhh...guess I'm getting restless!

Oh, and this morning was quiet, real quiet. Our part-time neighbor who ran the leaf vacuumn at 7 a.m. (Think I called it a blower but it's a vacuumn) got a knock on his door - at 7 a.m. today. Imagine that!

Our new neighbors, who have two horses and live kitty corner from the lawn maniac, asked him not to be so inconsiderate. Seems their horses spooked and took off over the fence yesterday. Five hours later they were found in a pine plantation four miles from home! Well, the lawn maniac wasn't too thrilled about being woke up and told the horse people to stuff it! To which the horse man (a former State Trooper) said either the maniac reins in his lawn maintenance enthusiasm or horse patties will be fertilizing his precious lawn. Way to go neighbor!

Darn, I would love to have been there. Gee, if they'd woke me up first I would have made 'em breakfast later! Oh well, peace is restored and now the lawn maniac knows he's dealing with our neighborhood law.

Well, I have more packing to do. Later, Treesong

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