Sunday, November 2, 2008

Today, I Am Thankful

It's Sunday and I'm well rested and so very, very thankful.

There's a nip in the air and the wind has picked up. We turned our clocks back last night and tonight it's dark at 6 p.m. The weatherman is forecasting mild temps until Wednesday when winter will tease us again. Change is in the air and contemplation has been my constant companion.

When all is said and done; when I've read all the blogs and listened to the talking heads on ABC/NBC/CBS/FOX; when we've stockpiled all we can and offered counsel and caution to those we care about, there's only one thing to do: be thankful.

I'm thankful that we weren't lulled into a false sense of security by accumulating debt and needless stuff; thankful we know how to bake bread, cut firewood (even by hand, if need be), grow and can our vegetables, conserve fuels and electricity, mend and sew clothing, cook from scratch and soooooooooooo many other things; thankful that we're content with having less; thankful that we're easily entertained; thankful that we're not chained to dead-end jobs, rush hour, office politics and the insatiable need to keep up with the sheeple.

And most of all I'm thankful for my wise and loving companion.

Be thankful everyone, Treesong

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