Friday, November 21, 2008

Reuse and Re-purpose

Here's two photos of items we have reused and/or re-purposed. One is a clock that an acquaintance was going to throw out because it didn't work. I took it home and Sweetie inspected the clock mechanism. Where the battery sits had been spread too wide!!! A quick fix and we had a new clock. However, the clock surface was too bright and the numbers had a gold/black finish that did not reflect well in the light. I spread a pastel paint stick over the clock surface and used a Sharpie black permanent marker to darken the numbers.

The other item was a clock that truly didn't work. I removed the clock mechanism from the back and the paper clock face; cut a piece of circular cardboard and traced that over a picture of my two youngest grandchildren (taken about 3 years ago). Just replaced the plastic "glass" and hung it on the wall. Everyone comments on the unique circular frame!

Another project I'm working on is a quilt top made of bandannas. My daughter knows I like scarves rolled up as headbands or to tie my long hair back with. Over the years I've been given many and picked up several at yards sales and resale shops. These are all NEW bandannas that are heavier and sturdier. Very few of them are the traditional red or blue patterned ones. I'm stitching them together randomly with no regard to color or pattern. One day I'll have a bandanna crazy quilt.

I was thinking today about what an adjustment it will be for many people to spend more time at home - whether due to unemployment or the high cost of fuel (which will return). Guess we have "staying home" down to a comfortable existence. The phone has rung about six times in the past week which is a little high for us! Both of us can spend hours sitting in our chairs with our respective cats curled on our laps and a cup of coffee nearby. There is infrequent conversation and occasional doodling in a sketch book. Sometimes we'll watch a little TV or work a puzzle, or mend or sew, or hang out on the computer. Sometimes I get ambitious and clean house like a hurricane but lately I've realized my standards have slipped. There's a cobweb in the dining area corner and I've taken to watching it every day since we came home. Don't know where the spider is; maybe it only comes out at night.

I took a walk to the mailbox after bringing in firewood. Warmer here today and for all the snow blowing around yesterday there was only about 4 inches on the ground. Told Sweetie neither of us has to worry about plowing the drive. He said "you mean, I don't have to worry about plowing." No, neither of us does. He thinks it's his responsibility and doesn't care to admit that there will be times when I will have to do it. One of those macho things, I guess.

I haven't read any blogs yet today or my hometown newspaper so guess that's what I'll do now. Later, Treesong


Mayberry said...

I love to see true "recycling" like that! Nice job.

Staying Alive said...

I wonder if folks will like themselves when they have to start spending more time at home. Most of them are worthless as hell and boring to boot. My mother always told me to never be boring. I reckon suicide will become popular when people discover themselves. HAH!