Friday, November 21, 2008

Give Me A Break!

Well, Gov. Granholm is on TV spouting off about saving the auto industry. "cannot be allowed to fail," she says. I say they need to dispose of their corporate jets, Golden Parachutes, bloated benefits packages and outrages wages as well as drop corporate bonuses. Think of all the money that would generate! Let the buggers go into bankruptcy and reorganize with ALL new management. And, I'm thinking that we have already become desensitized to all the bailout news, so much so that we'll stand by and be raped again. Sure, Congress is going through the motions of asking the auto giants for a "plan" if they want any money. Big deal, you know and they know that they can't take the heat they're going to get if hundreds of thousands of people are out of work if they don't act. Then there would be rioting in the streets. But, I'm willing to wager any amount that it will be another case of a band aid on a coronary and not much will change. Just a repeat of AIG, Fannie and Freddie and all the rest.

Another news story tonight was about an ethanol plant state closing because it has lost $430 million and "will no longer be accepting" any product for the plant. Way to go, you idiots. Chew up a whole lot of corn, etc. and drive the prices up for farmers and then lose money and close. Another example of short-sighted, greedy jerks. I wonder how many government grants, tax breaks, etc. those dummies got to start the plant?

I am so sick of this bull. Imagine for a moment if a huge mass of us just stopped participating in most everything: going to the mall, the movies, the ski hills, the spas, the motels, the diners, the big box retailers, and sporting events. Imagine if we stopped buying magazines, newspapers or stuff on Ebay and Amazon and quit subscribing to Dish Network or cable TV? This country would REALLY come to a screeching halt. And, me thinks it needs to. We're such a lazy, pampered bunch of sheep who really believe that we deserve "the best" and that there's no limit to what we can conquer, design, consume or dream about. No wonder we're falling into the abyss.

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