Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another Reason Not To Bail Out the Big Three!!!

This was posted on the Homesteading Today forum. It just burns me no end to read this. I'm emailing it to a few congress critters.

"In recent days, more information has come to light regarding the UAW Jobs Bank a program started in the 1980's to help counter the laying off of auto workers who were being displaced by automation technology (robots) in auto production.

In 2005 after massive layoffs at GM the National Review Online(henry Payne) was reporting that GM workers could not be fired and were moved to the Jobs Bank where many were cutting grass at the rate of $65.00 per hour.

The Canada Free Press reported on "Unions Killing Detroit" also of displaced auto workers in the Jobs Bank program who rather than seeking retraining opportunities or other educational/career enhancing opportunities were putting in 8 hour workdays in the cafeteria playing cards, video games and watching movies. Today there are approximately 12000-15000 Big 3 employees still enrolled in this program with the average salary of $73.00 hr ( 26.00 pay rate and remaining $47.00 in benefits).

The program was set to expire in 2007 yet remains today with an estimated 12,000 auto workers still enrolled. When interviewed, several "workers" claimed that they were scheduled to be reassigned to other plants but would much rather be doing "what they are already doing" rather than go back down on the assembly line.

So why are we considering bailing out the Big 3 again?"

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