Monday, November 10, 2008

The Trip Thus Far

Hello From Michigan's Upper Peninsula,

The trip thus far has not gone well. Sweetie fell ill on Election Eve at his brother's near Newberry. By the time we left there the next morning for my father's place, he was begging for some aspirin and cough syryp - not the solution he needed but, he has a stubborn streak when it comes to seeking medical attention. So....he suffered until Thursday when he asked me to pick up some Musinex. In February of this year he had pnuemonia and I knew he was in the same territory this time. But, it took until 6 a.m. Saturday for him to decide he was ill enough that he would go to the hospital. Four hours later we were back at my Dad's with four three inhalers and Zithromax, Robitussin cough syrup and instructions to STOP smoking and start drinking lots of water. He has not smoked since then but, then, he's so ill he can barely do anything.

In the meantime,I think my Dad has grown weary of listening to Sweetie's coughing, wheezing and sometimes crabbiness. Yesterday and today I took the truck to town for more groceries (Dad keeps nothing on hand as he eats out or gets meals on wheels) and decided today to take time to visit (a respite for myself).

The weather was beautiful until yesterday. I drove the first five miles to town at about 15mph on ice. This is my first chance to be on a computer and I've piles of emails to read and banking to do. Have not read any of the blogs so I'll have lots of catching up to do once we're home.

We did manage a great 80th birthday celebration with my Dad (Sweetie slept in Dad's room through the entire day) and sharing a meal with family was wonderful.

I've hit a few resale shops here and I'm in shock at their high prices! Paperbacks for $3.69???? The Salvation Army store was the only reasonable place out of five shops, including Goodwill.

Well, not much else news. Don't even know much about what Obama's been up to as I haven't read or watched the news. Oh well, the world continues to turn. I will say that the recession/depression is not very evident here. We did talk to three different realtors and all said most sales are to people from out of the area.

Well, hope eveyone is still prepping and keeping informed. Treesong


Levy Goddess said...

Its so good to hear from you. I hope your sweetie gets better. I got that nasty stuff and it took me 6 weeks to get over it....all I can say is vicks...somehow relieves me. Watch him close for pneumonia thats what I ended up with and it was horrible. Stay safe and keep us updated...I check back everyday to check on you.

Mayberry said...

Hope Sweetie feels better. Enjoy the rest of your trip!