Saturday, November 22, 2008

The View From Here

Sweetie has ventured outside today. The snow has stopped and there's no wind. the temp is 20 degrees. He's wearing a face mask and has his Sorel felt lined boots on. Itching to operate his backhoe. Claims the driveway needs plowing. Yeah, right. There's about 4 inches of snow on the drive and we have a four wheel drive truck. Just a man thing.

Last night I cooked baked chicken and rice and asparagus for supper. There's plenty of leftover rice so I'm mixing it with a some canned beef and gravy for supper. I'll add some chopped onion and a bit of garlic powder to it for a little more flavor. Was rummaging in the pantry and realized we haven't been eating many canned green beans so that's on the menu too.

I started a Charles Wysocki puzzle last night; one of his older ones with a trunk and cowboy had and boots on it. Not crazy about the puzzle so I may put it on Ebay - if all the pieces are there. Decided to get domestic and run the vacuum cleaner this morning. Thank God I have a bagless vacuum. Dog and cat hair really work themselves into the carpeting if you let it go too long. don't know if it's an age thing or what but I've shed myself of my last Martha Stewart gene. Guess I've just finally gotten comfortable with myself. About time!!!

I can't stomach watching decorating shows anymore or talk shows like Oprah, Ellen, The View and most others. Public television is still okay but I really prefer the silence. I learned long ago if you can't abide the silence you're really one insecure, clueless puppy. If I ever wound up in solitary confinement they'd be blessing me! It'd be like an extension of the comfortable life I already have. Yup, the death of the "consumer driven economy" is going to mean the death of a lot of people who've been running in circles like a rat in a maze, chasing after nothing and paying heavily for the "privilege."

Oh well, I was always considered a little weird. So be it.

Well, Sweetie just came in and he's struggling to breathe so I'm going to turn my attention elsewhere. Later, Treesong

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Ken said...

...4 inches of snow,sorry to say i really only miss the snow from the 15th to the 30th...back at home here they close the schools on the 'threat' of snow...hope ya got plenty of wood,it was ten degrees on my porch this morning,dogs water froze solid(MS)...lit my fire...realized we didn't have enuff(for long)...(sigh)...add choppin' wood to the chores.

...and thanx for yer brave venture into the fledgling KensWorld...