Wednesday, November 19, 2008

When Will She Wake Up?

Anyone who still believes the economy will improve and life will be normal again has just arrived from Mars. I know someone who claims this absurd belief but, truth be told, I think she's really in denial. And scared. And clueless. And a bit angry too.

She's someone who's always "done well" and is condescending toward those - like me - who've not followed her lead. (As if we can ALL climb that corporate ladder to success!!!)

But now, her life is changing. She's lost her job and cannot accept that her former boss said, "no customers equals no business", so she's consulted a lawyer about suing him. I told her to be thankful she was laid off versus fired and suggested she sign up for unemployment. She acted as though I'd suggested she shoot herself.

I admit, I have some smug satisfaction in seeing her get her turn at reality. Her precious 2008 Cadillac and her designer duds will not sustain her - even if she manages to sell them. She hasn't a clue about how a kitchen operates but she's memorized the menus at her favorite hangouts, especially the wine lists. And then there's the four bedroom, five bathroom house she's insisted on maintaining because "I designed it", despite being the only person to occupy it. The ex and three children have gone on to lead more reasonable lives.

So, I offered another suggestion, just to amuse myself: rent out four suites to university students. Rents in the area are high and her suites are more appealing than the typical student housing fare. Again, she glared at me until her expertly applied blush seemed to expand beyond it's boundaries. Oh well, in time no amount of makeup will mask your plight.

Like so many others who are accustomed to "climbing the ladder of corporate success", she's wasting precious time fuming and fighting a losing battle. She has enough savings to last three months - until she finds "a better job where she's treated with respect!" Her resumes are stunning. Her interview skills impeccable. And, she's had no response to the 68 queries she's mailed or faxed thus far (as of Nov 7th when we spoke). Hmmmm....

Time is closing in on month two of her job search. Thirty days from now her life ought to get real interesting.

It seems that being unemployed and living below the poverty line WHILE PREPPED can sometimes be comforting. Later, Treesong

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