Sunday, November 23, 2008

Today's Musings

Thanks to the folks who commented on my post about us considering applying for food stamps. Guess we've always taken care of ourselves, even before we knew one another, so to consider "assistance" from the gov is a bit unnerving.

I was talking to a friend online about this and she really set me straight. According to her, the gov is in the business of wasting OUR money and their blessed bailout bonanza and stimulus packages have finally exposed them for the thieves they are. The bill for their ponzi schemes may come due but it will never be paid. So, while food stamps are available and I've been a law abiding, tax paying citizen for 38 years of my life, I may as well get some of it back. Now, put to me that way, I understand. She also reminded me that I'm seven years away from collecting SS, assuming there is any and none of the qualifications are amended. I've paid into SS my entire working life but there's no guarantee I'll get any of it. Of course, there's no guarantee I'll live to collect it either.

So we've decided we'll SAVE the money we would have spent on groceries and keep adding to our food storage.

We just came in from outside, huffing and puffing. Sweetie cause he doesn't breathe well anyway; me because I wrangled two empty 100# propane cylinders into the back of the truck. Our propane supplier gives a $7 discount if you go to him with the tanks. We drive right by his place on the way to town and $7 is $7 in this household. I also climbed a ladder and chopped ice and 8 inches of heavy snow off the porch roof. Then I threw the ice chunks away from the porch to prevent any accidents. That workout was better than a gym membership!

Tomorrow is Sweetie's doctor appointment. Part of me hopes he gets hospitalized and they poke and prod and test and retest until he comes home a whole new man. The other part of me hopes he's given some magic pill and does better in three days. Watching someones health decline is no picnic and he has never been a good patient. Well, whatever comes will come and we'll just have to face it.

Think I'll mix up some scalloped potatoes and ham for supper and cook it on the wood stove. Then I found an old paperback to read. It's Sunday and I feel like relaxing. Take care, Treesong

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