Monday, November 24, 2008

Medical Update, Etc.


What does a doctor say to a new patient who had a physical or blood work in maybe 15 years? What does he say to a patient who's about to collapse in his office after taking his coat off?

"Sir, I'm really glad you're finally here."

Old tought guy got a work out today. Blood draws, xrays, EKG, lots of scrips, and a return appointment on December 1st. That's when he'll get a referral to a cardiologist - if he hasn't dropped before then. Pessimistic I know but, the man seems to think he's invincible even as he can't get up from the chair. God....

So I'm chief cook, bottle washer, nurse, plow driver, secretary, cleaner and wood hauler for now. Have the feeling that next week we'll be in Traverse City for a few days. Not fond of that place, espcially when it means sitting in waiting rooms and pacing hallways. His oldest sister and brother called tonight, expressing their concern while he kept telling them there's "nothing to worry about." Denial is sometimes a sedative.

Oh well, maybe I'd do the same. It's hell to get old and ill. Pure hell.

In other news, poor Tiger Wood's relationship with Chrysler is not going to be continued and NFL ticket prices are being lowered; the price of rice is out of reach for most people in the Phillapines; Michigan's state government is warning that severe cuts will be needed across the board due to lost revenue in this shitty economy; and business in booming at auto repair shops as drivers try to keep their cars on the road.

We'll be in town again on Wednesday so I'm going to stock up on a few things. We're having Sweetie's 96-year-old Mother here for Thanksgiving and I've added to the shopping list for our Dec. 9th (or earlier) trip to Traverse City for Sweetie's dermatology appointment. God, we will have put more miles on the truck in two week's time than we usually do in TWO months!

I'm going to be moving some supplies around tomorrow. Have decided to move the commode, wheelchair, crutches and raised toilet seat inside - just in case. These items are currently stored in the shed and we're going to store more fuel there. Will also make a couple slings out of old bedsheets; and stock up on those huge jugs of hand sanitizer, cough syrup, Musinex, baby aspirin, and Neosporin.

Sweetie's going to take a nap, usual for this time of night, and I'm going to lose myself in a Charles Wysocki puzzle. Later, Treesong


Ken said...

...Good Luck.God Bless...

Levy Goddess said...

Treesong, I feel for you. Two years ago that happened to me with my
"sweetie", he has severe COPD and our lives turned up side down. Im still in denial myself. I get angry when he wont even do laundry while Im at work, but I have to remember he cant even walk to the kitchen without losing his breath. Thats what happens when your immortal and dont use a mask while sanding on motorhomes. But Im here trying to keep the house up, working 40 plus hours a week and pay the bills, and do the grocery shopping, washing dogs, cleaning get the picture. I really shouldnt complain when you see the story you had about the man begging for food. We are stocking up and probably have more than the neighbors!! we are warm and have friends close by to help if needed. Im blessed and I know that but damn sometimes you just want to DRINK. I dont drink but maybe once a year and that once a year is coming up fast!