Saturday, January 30, 2010

What' the Point?

Since my last post our family relationships have become viral. As when my mother was ill, old wounds and skewed perceptions have festered, then spread despite various precautions and interventions.

Have you ever felt someone was angry and not known why? Have you asked and been told, "I'm not angry, you are."? Has that person's behavior spread the infection so far that you all quarantine yourselves?

And then, along comes a child's fifth birthday party! Instead of feeling joy we're dreading it. Instead of a celebration we fear a standoff with some family either not attending or texting to see when others have left.

I'd like to wake up tomorrow and realize my fever's broken and I'd been hallucinating!

Thankfully, today we're invited to my oldest son's for lunch. It's a welcome diversion from the "sick room" feeling we've experienced. By Sunday afternoon maybe we'll feel well enough to weather any attacks on our immune system!

I can tell you this much: If families can't get along now, what the hell will they do when it REALLY matters?


chinasyndrome said...

Hey Guys,sorry to hear your having problems.Sometimes perceptions are hard to change,maybe time for sitdown and work it out?Our prayers will be with you and your family. Theres enough bad stuff without family bickering.Best of luck with it.

Anonymous said...

I did hear a couple days ago that the prez was going to be giving folks who take care of their elderly parents at home money for doing it.
Weird, but , I thought of your family and that (to them) would be another reason to get mad .
It is so hard to tell what other people are thinking , you know.
Some folks just don't have logical sound minds. Makes it harder on those of us who have sense and reason things figure out what they are thinking, since we don't think the way they do.
Hope the party goes well . Just put all the attention on the birthday child and be super happy...they will wonder more what you are up to....give 'em something to think about. I'd say they are jealous that you are so satisfied with how you are living. And they are so unsatisfied with how they are living.

Marcia Moir said...

When adults act like 3 yr olds they're after the same thing as a 3 yr old...attention!!!...just disconnect from their game...don't acknowledge the slight...don't defend against their ridiculous acquisations...and if they text to see when you're leaving the party...don't leave the party...just stay and stay and have the best time! If they're as smart as a 3 yr old they'll figure it out.

debbieo said...

When I took care of my mother in law who had cancer and not long to live in my home, I too was met with much resistance. I got not one penny from her before or after her death. She wanted to be with me and I wanted to take care of her. Her own children told me to put her in a rest home to die. No way. I loved her. I ended up being to only one with her when she passed because everyone else was too busy including mythen husband her own son. Makes me sad to think on it.
Off topic.
I have been gardening in my dreams and today I am starting many plants. I will plant some in my greenhouse, some in my raised beds and sell some at the farmers market. I am hoping to sell enough at the market to cover the cost of my stuff and then my veggies will be absolutly free. Yippie. Even if I dont sell enought starter plants to cover the cost I know I will sell enough produce to cover it. I always do. I was wondering what kind of garden you will put in at your new place.
take care and hang in there.