Monday, January 4, 2010

God, I HATE Going to Town!

A trip to town was necessary today. One more opportunity to witness morons in action.

Sweetie had to have a tractor tire repaired, but found out the tire is trash. Guess who's trying to figure out where we'll get $400 for a new one?

I still had $41.11 remaining on a Shopko gift certificate. Most people that would be excited but I'm so accustomed to doing without or paying barely nothing that 60-70% off doesn't impress me. Besides, there isn't much we need. While Sweetie sat in the truck I shopped: one puzzle book to keep at our house for my Dad's use - $2; a pizza cutter and metal measuring spoons - $6.50; a package of underwear and two pairs of socks - $9; and finally, canned cat food and paper towels - $13.80. The last 12 roll pack of paper towels lasted six months and the cat food was 13 cents per can more than usual. Just kills me. Total thus far: $31.30. I hit the junk food aisle and got chips, peanuts and Diet Coke. Final bill: $43.90. Figures. I get a gift card and go over the limit. I think they're designed that way. Oh well, it was the thought that counts.

And then, I stand at the checkout. I'm third in line and something goes wrong with the register so we all move to another aisle. I'm now fifth in line as two people in a hurry step in front of me. I smile. Gotta keep that holiday spirit, right?

I smiled again when she bumped my cart and said it was "two damn cold to be shopping." Well, I agree - if you're a 90# waif who has bare feet slipped into open-toed heels; has four inches of her midriff exposed (including the belly ring); and is wearing what appears to be a bolero for a jacket! Sheeeesh! Yah oughta be comatose.

Finally, I exit the store - in time to see her fall on her fanny.

After I dump a bag in the back of our truck, I open the door and Sweetie's laughing so hard he needs his inhaler. Ms. Bolero jacket had fallen again and slid part way beneath her car.

I tell Sweetie maybe she'll stay home the rest of the winter. He says we could have been rich if we'd had a video camera. For the next 12 miles he enterains me with stories of his parking lot people watching - all either inappropriately dressed or sliding into other cars.

Our last stop was a tour of two foreclosed houses my son just bought for $5000 each. Both are in need of some work. One home sits on half a block and the original portion is over 100 year old square logs that were preserved by siding and drywall. He's installing insulation, new cabinets and fixtures in the kitchen addition. The second house was full of trash, mattresses, assorted clothes and a few dirty dishes. As we walked through it I pulled open a kitchen drawer and found silverware that matches what we have. Home it came. My son would have thrown it out. Upstairs we got a bookcase Sweetie will use in the garage and three pairs of men's sweatpants. Two pair appear to be new. On our way home I called someone who's looking for bunk beds. My son's house has a red metal set that doesn't needs a home.

So, it was a profitable and entertaining day but I'm glad to be home. The weather is getting worse and the drivers were careless. We saw two accident on the way to town and three on the way home.

Oh, that we never, ever had to leave here, especially on days like this. It's about 10 degrees, the wind is about 25mph and it's been snowing all day.

Well, time to fix supper. Take care, Treesong


Mayberry said...

I'm with ya Tree, hate to leave my little peninsula and go to town. If I had a lumber store, and an auto parts store here, I rarely would. The throngs of "humanity" drive me nuts with their complete stupidity. It's even worse now with the flocks of "snowbirds" arriving. Those wonderful folks who drive 30 mph in a 45 on clear sunny days, brake at every street because they don't know where the hell they're going, and jam the stores at times when they're usually slow, which is when I go... Ugh, we're turning into Florida. RV parks (for 55 and older ONLY) springing up everywhere....

Sixbears said...

It was a go to town day for us too. My lovely wife has physical therapy two towns over, about 35 miles. Ended up buying lunch as we had to wait for a screw up with her prescriptions to be fixed.

Used a coffee shop gift certificate.

Picked up an oil filter and winter wiper blades.

Screws at the hardware store.

7 gallons of diesel. (should last the rest of the month)

Roads still messy after yesterdays foot+ of snow. At least most people here dress for it . . . except my own daughter. Guess she lived in RI too long. Later, I told to dress like she might have to walk home -because it could happen out here. At least her daughter was bundled up for the Arctic.

Most of the people I deal with today were really really nice, so it made the trip into town much easier to stomach.

Anonymous said...

You can't beat people watching. Less than 10 degrees out and a pretty young thing walked from the store to her car shivering pulling her coat close to her - no hat, no gloves, pajama bottom pants, and oh yes, flip flops.

Did it MY way said...

Mayberry,and Treesong;

I hate leaving the woods to go to town also. We don't have snow but our friendly "snowbirds". I don't know how they would survive up north if they drive there the way they drive here.
Plus they seem to think they need to talk to every clerk about their life history while you just want to pay for your stuff get out of the store.
I'm lucky, usually only make a trip once a month. Time to hibernate.

Stay warm and safe. By the way take back that damn cold air you are sending me. 41 degrees this morning.

See Ya