Monday, February 1, 2010

We Smiled a Lot

We're exhausted from yesterday's birthday party and the emotional tension of the past week. But, we smiled through it all which made someone rather frustrated. Oh well.

Later, driving home, I thought of what my sister-in-law's shrink advised when she's either upset or contemplating doing something stupid: Ask yourself "what purpose does this serve?" I've been repeating the mantra when I find my mind wandering, wondering, dissecting and overly thinking. "What purpose does this serve?"

Believe me, that question stops you cold whether you're the one obsessing or the one listening to the drama.

In other news: we're adapting to my Dad's routine - which he's determined to keep - because he claims if he stops, he'll "lay down, then stay down!"

I say good for him but we'd better get ourselves in shape to keep up with him.

Every Monday he'd visit an aunt at the local long term care facility; pick up his Meals on Wheels; visit another friend who'd recently had a stroke; then build puzzles and walk the dogs at my youngest sister's until 4 p.m. On Tuesday he'd have lunch with one of several friends; do his shopping and bill paying; then drive out here for his overnight stay. At 4 p.m. Wednesday he'd drive home, take a nap, have his supper and "be bored" the remainder of the night. Thursday through Saturday he followed similar schedules. On Sunday he had pancake breakfast at a neighbor's followed by a few cribbage games, an afternoon nap, then supper at my other sister's.

We've maintained his entire schedule except for Sunday. Either it's the secret to his longevity or he's trying to revitalize our lives.

Today we finished his schedule in record time so Sweetie said, "Guess it's time to head home." Dad replied, "What? We're not stopping someplace for lunch?"

We did. The food was great. I know he didn't pay the bill. I don't think Sweetie paid the bill. And I can't recall if I paid the bill. On the drive home I fell asleep in the back seat. The guys are napping now. The words on this screen are blurring. The sofa looks mighty comfy.

Time to curl up. Treesong


Bustednuckles said...

Thank goodness you finally had a nice, pleasant day for once. By the way, who is it I share a birthday with? Tell them I said Happy Birthday. I am officially old now at 50.Feels more like 60.
I am still laying here in bed at quarter after three in the afternoon, recuperating from the most awesome birthday I have ever had.


treesong said...

Well, happy birthday Busted! The birthday celebration was for my only grandson, now age five. His first name is after his late maternal grandfather; his middle name is after my father.

Did it MY way said...

Happy that all went well. Keep smiling.Scares the hell out of them. Glad your dad is doing well. It is tough getting used to another person in your house.

God Bless.

See Ya